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Galaxy Active2 – Design, Widen Your Space, and More

Galaxy Active2

Galaxy Active2

Galaxy Active2 tells you what you need to know when you need it.

Stay linked with a lifestyle and health partner on your wrist that gives you advice at the moment.

1. Design

2. Watch Active2 right down to

3. Widen your space

4. Snap your outfit and grab your look

5. A watch to make your own

6. Track your workout on your wrist

Galaxy Watch Active2 tracks your actions so you can slip it on and get working out. Through swimming added to automatic tracking, you now get seven exercises, while manual search works for all activities for dozens you can track. In addition, the running coach function gives you actionable advice in real-time.

7. Show some competitive spirit

8. Healthy living starts with a clear mind

9. A friendly reminder to wash your hands

10. Measure blood pressure on the move

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