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Is Plex Legal: Know Everything About It

Is Plex Legal_ Know Everything About It

Is Plex Legal

Is plex legal unless you use it to break copyright laws. Plex is an unresolved media organization and streaming tool.

Legal uses of Plex

Plex was designed to be used as a management and streaming tool for the media you own. Home videos, rips of Blu-rays, DVDs, and CDs, and other content that you’ve paid for are all fair game on Plex. There is also a wealth of free media online that’s copyright-free, which you can legally download and use with Plex.

Is using Plex illegal?

Naturally, you install the Plex server on the home computer where your movies, TV, photos, and music are stored, and you can then stream this content to devices running a Plex app.

Using Plex is perfectly legal. However, some of the things people use Plex for making their exact use of Plex illegal – so read on to make sure you don’t fall foul on potentially dodgy ground.

What is Plex, and how does it work?

Legal uses of Plex:

Illegal uses of Plex:

Is Plex illegal?

Plex is entirely legal to download and use. But, then, as with most software tools, it can be used for illegal purposes, too.

To confirm that you always remain within the law, you should only stream media you have the right to.

Plex review: “a great tool for building an easy-to-stream media library”

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