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Specs Family Partners Ltd in 42 U.S.C. § Action for failing to file a claim against the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission in 1983. We must decide whether the district court finds that qualified immunity justifies the dismissal of Spec’s lawsuit. We approve.

This case, now on appeal for the second time, stems from an investigation and administrative proceedings brought by TABC against Specs.

The facts and procedural history were set forth extensively in our previous judgment, so we limit our discussion to those relevant to this objection. Specs Family Partners Ltd See Spec’s Family Partners, Ltd. v. Needles, 972 F.3d 671, 674-75 (5th Cor. 2020).

Specs Family Partners Ltd

Specs Family Partners Ltd is a trade company created out of 3126 Nasa Road 1, Seabrook, Texas, United States.

Specs Family Partner… industries Retailing
Headquarters Location Seabrook, Texas, US
Specs Family Partner… Employees Size 10-50 employees

Specs Family Partners Ltd headquarters is in Seabrook, Texas. Specs Family Partners Ltd is in the sectors of: Retailing. To connect with Specs Family Partners Ltd’s employee register on Signalhire

United States Court of Appealsfor the Fifth Circuit

No. 19-20661

Spec’s Family Partners, Limited,

Plaintiff—Appellant,versusThe Executive Director of The Texas AlcoholicBeverage Commission, Adrian Bentley Nettles, ex officio; Dexter K. Jones; Emily E. Helm; Judith L. Kennison; Matthew Edward Cherry,  Defendants—Appellees.Appeal from the United States District Courtfor the Southern District of TexasUSDC 4:18-CV-2670BeforeDavis, Graves, and Duncan, Circuit Judges.Stuart Kyle Duncan, Circuit Judge:Spec’s Family Partners sued officials in the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission  (“TABC”)  after  TABC  investigated  Spec’s  and  brought  a  largely   unsuccessful   administrative   action   against   it.   We   must   decide   whether   the   district   court   correctly   concluded   that   various   forms   of   immunity required dismissal of Spec’s’ claims. We affirm in part, reverse in part, and vacate in part. United States Court of AppealsFifth CircuitFILEDAugust 25, 2020Lyle W. Cayce Clerk

Spec’s Family Partners, Ltd.

Company Number



In Existence

Incorporation Date

12 July 1965 (about 57 years ago)

Company Type

Domestic Limited Partnership (LP)


Texas (US)

Registered Address

Alternative Names

Spec’s Family Partners Employee Reviews

The sales job includes stocking products, learning about products, helping customers.The most enjoyable part is working with the customers and educating them about the products.

During the investigation, Judith Dennison and “other TABC representatives. Specs Family Partners Ltd allegedly withheld documents from obtaining testimony from Kathy Anderson, a TABC auditor, that Spec had violated the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Law. Specs Family Partners Ltd Supposedly, Dennison knew that the documents did not prove any violation of the Code. Instead, Spec alleges that TABC used Anderson’s testimony as leverage to force Specs to settle and complete its claims against Specs.

During the administrative proceedings, a panel of directorial law courts legally ruled some of TABC’s charges in favor of Specs, with the rest going to trial. During the hearing, which lasted several days, Spec Anderson’s cross-examination stated that her earlier statement was false. Nevertheless, the panel sided with Spec on all but one of the charges, for which it offered a warning.

Specs Family Partners Ltd About

Specs Family Partners Ltd here, Spec later convicted several 42 U.S.C. TABC employees, counting Dennison, Emily Helm, Dexter Jones, and Matthew Cherry (collectively, “Defendant”). § 1983, the Sherman Act, and state law require determination and injunctive relief.

The district court dismissed all Spec’s federal claims, and state law declined to exercise additional jurisdiction over the malicious prosecution claims. Accordingly, we have confirmed that the defendants are entitled to absolute immunity for their actions during the investigation and before the start of the administrative proceedings—specifications in 972 F.3d, 680, and n.7. However, we assert that the Defendants did not act as prosecutors and therefore could not claim absolute immunity. I.D.

So we bring this problem back. Accordingly, Specs Family Partners Ltd we also remove Spec’s state law’s denial of malicious prosecution claim for additional jurisdiction. ID. in 684.

In detention, the Defendants filed a new impeachment claim based on qualified immunity. The district court dismissed the case, finding that Spec did not violate his constitutional rights. However, the court once again denied jurisdiction over the state law claims. Spec filed an appeal on time.

We are considering dismissal from a de novo district court according to the Federal Code of Civil Procedure 12(b)(6). Lv. Bell Tel., L.P. – City of Houston, 529 F.3d 257, 260 (5th Cir. 2008). To survive the Rule 12(b)(6) denial, Spec must defend “sufficient truth to indicate a reasonable request for assistance. Bell Atl. corporation v. Twombly, 550 US 544, 570 (2007). Specs Family Partners Ltd We find the factual assertions made in the lawsuit to be true. But “we discredit conclusive assertions or assertions that merely reaffirm the legal elements of a claim. Chhim v. uni. of Texas at Austin, 836 F.3d 467, 469 (5th Cir. 2016).

Specs Family Partners Ltd various alternate names

frequently asked questions:

What is the address of Specs Family Partners Ltd’s corporate headquarters?

The headquarters of Specs Family Partners Ltd are located in 3126 Nasa Rd, Seabrook, Texas, United States.

What is the telephone number for Specs Family Partners Ltd?

The telephone number for Specs Family Partners Ltd is +1 281-326-5127.

What is the revenue generated by [Specs Family Partners Ltd?

The revenue of Specs Family Partners Ltd is between $10 and $50 million.

What is Specs Family Partners Ltd’s North American Industry Classification System code?

Specs Family Partners Ltd is classified under NAICS number 445310.

When it comes to Specs Family Partners Ltd, how many people work there?

Specs Family Partners Ltd employs a total of 88 people.

What is the industry that Specs Family Partners Ltd operates in?

In the industry of Retail, you can find Specs Family Partners Ltd.

Is it possible to learn more about the Documentation Director and Corporate Trainer at Specs Family Partners Ltd?

In her role as Documentation Director and Corporate Trainer at Specs Family Partners Ltd, Mandi Fought is an expert in her field.

Who is the Director of Technology at [Specs Family Partners Ltd.]

Glen Williams serves as the Director of Technology at [Specs Family Partners Ltd.]

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