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The workplace violence website provides information on the extent of workplace violence, assesses the hazards in different settings, and develops workplace violence prevention plans for individual workplaces. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at contact@

What Is Workplace Violence?

Workplace violence is any act or risk of physical strength, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior in the workplace. It ranges from threats and insults to physical attacks and homicides. It can affect and involve employees, customers, consumers, and visitors. Violent acts and other injuries are currently the third leading cause of fatal workplace injuries in the United States. According to the Agency of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI), of the 5,333 fatal occupational injuries in the United States in 2019, 761 cases were intentional injuries by another person. [More…] Regardless of how it manifests itself, workplace violence is a significant problem for employers and workers across the country.

Who Is At Risk Of Workplace Violence?

Many American workers report being victims of workplace violence every year. Regrettably, many more cases go unreported. Research has identified factors that may And increase the risk of violence for some workers in specific workplaces. These factors include trading money with the public and working with fickle and unstable people. Working alone or in remote areas can also contribute to the potential for violence. Providing services and care and working in places where alcohol is served can also affect the likelihood of violence. In addition, the time of day and location of work, e.g. working late or in areas with high crime rates, are also risk factors to consider when dealing with workplace violence. Those most at risk include workers exchanging money with the public, delivery drivers, healthcare professionals, government employees, customer service representatives, law enforcement personnel and those working alone or in small groups.

How Can The Risk Of Violence In The Workplace Be Reduced?

In most workplaces anywhere risk factors can be known, the risk of an attack can be prevented or minimized if employers take suitable precautions. One of the best guarantees employers can offer their employees is a zero-tolerance policy toward workplace violence. This policy must cover all workers, patients, customers, visitors, contractors and anyone else who may come into contact with Company employees.

By evaluating their workplaces, employers can identify methods to reduce the likelihood of incidents. OSHA accept as true that a well-written and implemented workplace strength prevention program, combined with engineering controls, clerical controls, and training, can reduce the incidence of workplace violence in both personal and commercial settings.

It is critical to ensure that all workers know and understand the policy and that all reports of workplace violence are promptly investigated and resolved. In addition, OSHA encourages employers to develop additional methods to protect workers in high-risk industries. It can be a separate workplace violence prevention program or integrated into a safety and health program, employee handbook, or SOP manual.

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