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Keyword Density – 4 Tools to Calculate Keyword Density

Keyword Density

Keyword Density

The density of keywords or keyword density is a concept within digital content, closely linking to the SEO.

It was an absolute positioning value that all web and blog writers watched closely a while ago.

However, the other updates that have been of Google’s algorithms have left them with less weight.

What is keyword density?

Is there an ideal keyword density?

4 tools to calculate keyword density

There are several tools to check the percentage of times a particular word or term appears in a text.

Here we leave you with the best keyword density tools :

Yoast SEO: SEO plugin for WordPress. It shows the density of keywords when it is written in this CMS.

Keyword Density Checker: an online tool that measures the density and number of words in the title, meta description, content, etc.

Internet Marketing Ninjas: a tool that measures [keyword density] very quickly.

SEO book Keyword Density: this application allows you to know a large amount of data. [Keyword density] of the total text, headings, links, images, etc.


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