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Keyword Research – Tips for Researching keywords

Keywords Research

Keyword Research

Specialists in the area know that keyword research is not something you do just once and then forget about it.

It is a task that you must do regularly. Thus, periodic keyword research will help you stay aware of what is happening in your environment. Remember that.

If you are not aware of what is happening to your audience, you risk losing it.

Tips for researching keywords

Keyword research is very dynamic and allows you to keep up with a business’s needs audience.

Therefore, you should start to do a little more research on the relevant topics in your industry.

At this point, you will find some tips to help you conduct a beneficial investigation.

1. Find out the right keywords to position yourself:

2. Research the keywords that your competitors are exploitation:

One strategy that everyone uses is to research the keywords of the competition. One trick to achieve this is to look at your competitor’s source code to know which keyword they are targeting.

To see the source code, you can use these keyboard shortcuts that depend on the browser you use:

When you see the source code, you will have the title, the description, and a lot of metadata.

The H1 and H2 tags stand out, where you will surely see the keywords that your competition is using.

3. Google is a great ally:

4. Use a thesaurus:

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