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Biggest Technology Trends Write For Us

Biggest Technology Trends (1)

As a futurist, I look ahead and identify the key trends in business and technology. However, many of them will only become relevant in decades. For more practical advice and to help leaders prioritize, I also offer a look ahead. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at

Each year, I look to the future and outline the key technology trends for the year ahead—the one’s companies need to address today to stay competitive.

So let’s look at my list of top tech trends everyone should prepare for.

AI everywhere

The hype about AI has been around for a while, but unless you’re actively working on technology, you might not realize how ubiquitous AI has become. We use intelligent algorithms whenever we search the web, shop online, surf while travelling, choose how we entertain ourselves, manage our schedules, and complete countless creative and mundane tasks.

The hype won’t end any time soon. AI has been defined by Google CEO Sundar Pichai as “more important than fire or electricity” in standings of the impact it will have on human development. The mature ecosystem of no-code AI solutions and platforms as a service will continue to make it more accessible. As technological infrastructure and (to some extent) budget are no longer significant barriers to entry, those with great ideas can create new AI-enhanced products and services that simplify or improve our lives.

The Internet of the Future (Metaverse)

At this point, I think the best description that can be applied to the term metaverse is “a more immersive digital world”. It might sound a little vague, but no one knows what next-level immersive online environments and user experiences will be like in five years. Mark Zuckerberg believes it will be about virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). At the same time, the creators of web3 platforms like Decentraland or The Sandbox think it will also be about decentralization and blockchains. Exclusive, and there’s no reason why tomorrow’s Internet shouldn’t be both decentralized and built around immersion and 3D content. Got confused.

A digitally editable world

Our ever-evolving ability to digitally replicate everything in the physical world is what makes the metaverse viable (or even inevitable) in the first place. But this idea goes beyond simply creating immersive online experiences; today, we can manipulate things in the digital world in ways that affect the real world. Take the example of digital twins; Formula 1 racing teams create digital twins of the battle car and use the digital world to test the car in virtual wind tunnels and through digital simulations. This allows them to modify car components in the digital world until they are optimized before 3D printing those components for the actual vehicle.

Reorganize trust with blockchain

Traditionally, processes that involved building trust between two parties on the Internet were conducted through an intermediary. Banks and companies like Paypal verify our characters and act as supporters when we send money to friends or family. Anti-fraud and payment confirmation services help us trust that it is safe for companies to store and process our financial information. These are centralized systems, so we can still run into problems if the companies providing them are not managing them effectively or acting in our best interests.

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Biggest Technology Trends (2)

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