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Biometrics are unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, that can be used for automated recognition. At the Department of Homeland, Security BioSig-ID is a biometric identity authentication explanation that needs no hardware or downloads. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at contact@

Authenticates users by taking their unique movements (gestures) when drawing a password with their finger or mouse. Four drawn characters are enough to identify legitimate users and stop scammers biometrically.

BioSig-ID connects your most vulnerable single point of entry. It combines fantastic biometric technology with the password format that users are familiar with.

The simple switch from writing to drawing brings the securities password into one of the most influential technologies in the world. Unlike other biometric data, it can be reset and revoked.

How It Works

  • The software measures the unique way users move their mouse, finger or stylus when logging in with their biometric password. The software collects biometric identifiers such as each stroke’s length, speed, direction, angle and height to create the user’s unique biometric profile. In seconds after just four characters are drawn, the BioSig-ID software will determine if the registered user is the same person trying to access the account.
  • The password is immediately checked against the previously created enrollment profile; access is granted only if it matches. BioSig-ID is smart enough to recognize variations in the user’s drawing style, eliminating the need to draw the same area at the same size. BioSig-ID is smart. With each use, BioSig-ID learns and becomes even more accurate.
  • The software comes with a robust set of tools and an audit trail that captures all activity related to the authentication event and provides a sharp forensic tool to identify fraud risks/patterns. BioSig-ID can be used from any mobile, tablet and PC with HTML5 or Flash.
  • BioSig-ID is multi-factor and multi-layered, so it does not require using another supplier or factor. Multi-factor verification uses a combination of two of the following factors, “something you know” (your secret password is “something you know”), “something you are” (the actual extraction of the password is “something you are”) and “something you have” (in combination with our out-of-band SMS/QR code there is also additional factor something you have).
  • All networks will finally move to multi-factor authentication. BioSig-ID’s stylish blend of gesture biometrics and password recognition frees you from other multi-factor solutions requiring hardware, remotes, keys and tokens, and administrators to store and manage passwords outmoded.

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Biometric Write For Us

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Biometric Write For Us

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