The Bitcoin price rose sharply at the beginning of the Corona crisis from March 2020 to November 2021. The most crucial cryptocurrency multiplied its value and reached a new record high of over 68,000 US dollars – this price development is reminiscent of the Bitcoin hype a few years ago: Anyone who bought Bitcoins for a few hundred dollars or euros is now a millionaire.

How can you invest in bitcoin, where can you buy bitcoin? And why is bitcoin trading attractive for investors and speculators? We present providers where you can easily buy Bitcoin in just 15 minutes via PayPal. You will also learn how to purchase Bitcoin on a marketplace (with a wallet) alternatively.


A bit more cumbersome: You can also buy “real” bitcoin on a bitcoin marketplace or via a bitcoin exchange. With Bitvavo *, you trade real bitcoin and then store it in Bitvavo’s hosted wallet.

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Bitcoin (BTC) is the best-known cryptocurrency of all and is still the most significant. In terms of marketplace capitalization, Bitcoin is well fast of the competition. And no other digital currency can hold a candle to Bitcoin in terms of value development either: At over 700 billion US dollars. The market capitalization of Bitcoin in May 2022 is far ahead of that of Ethereum (around 325 billion US dollars), Cardano (around $25 billion), Binance Coin (around $60 billion), Tether ($80 billion), and Ripple ($28 billion)

The price growth of the most significant cryptocurrency is also unique: in 2016 alone, the Bitcoin price climbed by more than 125 per cent. And in 2017 Bitcoin reached temporary highs of almost 20,000 US dollars. After the Corona crash in March 2020, the price of the most important digital currency climbed for months. The Bitcoin value multiplied to almost 70,000 US dollars at times. The price slipped from its all-time high in November 2021 and has been hovering in the $36,000 to $48,000 range since early 2022.

Anyone who trades bitcoins and keeps a close eye on the Bitcoin course can make a profit in this way. The most significant successful cryptocurrency made one or the other investor a millionaire in the past. However, trading in cryptocurrencies is always associated with a particular risk and can also lead to the loss of the invested capital.


Some analysts predict the price of Bitcoin to rise to $500,000 and above. As the “Blockchain and Cryptoasset Pre-Event” showed in early April 2019, more and more expert asset managers and institutional advisors want to recommend blockchain and cryptocurrencies as savings. Bitcoins are also gaining receipt at more and more financial organizations. For example, the US asset bank JPMorgan launched its cryptocurrency, and many customers can already shop with cryptocurrencies in Swiss online retail.

Bitcoins are no longer just unknown online coins that computer nerds use to make anonymous purchases on the Internet. Bitcoin trading is popular with private depositors and speculators, and the potential still seems excellent. The recent strong price movements and the substantial increase in the Bitcoin price after the Corona crash are proof of this.

In El Salvador, Bitcoin has even been the official currency since September 7, 2021. This makes El Salvador the first country where you can pay with Bitcoin. The Central American government is hoping to boost modernization from the introduction because it will enable transfers without a bank account. In April 2022, Panama also passed a bill on using crypto assets.

But: Around the Bitcoin hype at the end of 2017. Some critics saw Bitcoin as a risky investment and described the most important cryptocurrency as “hot air”.

Ultimately, the Bitcoin price is governed by supply and request. And the demand for nameless money such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin & Co. continues to rise sharply. The details for this are, for example, the future-oriented blockchain technology, the investment in Bitcoin and capital controls, which can be successfully circumvented with the help of cryptocurrency.


Given online currencies’ performance and technical potential, many depositors are flattering more and more interested in Bitcoin. If you want to buy Bitcoin and contribute to the performance of the virtual internet currency, then there are several options for you – we have examined the pros and cons of each way.

Tip: Take a look at our explanatory video. What are bitcoins? Here we explain what cryptocurrencies are. What makes blockchain technology so secure, and how bitcoin mining works in an easy-to-understand way.

You can also find expert know-how about cryptocurrencies here:

Investors who are primarily concerned with participating in the performance of Bitcoin can trade Bitcoins relatively easily via a CFD broker. Opening an account is particularly quick; you can pay in with a credit card, PayPal or bank transmission.

You can reason a bitcoin CFD as security that reproduces the price of bitcoin. As a depositor, you participate directly in developing the Bitcoin price but do not physically own the Bitcoin. If you want, you can still leverage the Bitcoin CFD – you can find out more about this in our CFD trading guide. Note that CFD trading has become more regulated since August 2018.

Of course, 1:1 participation without leverage is also possible. The most significant benefit of a Bitcoin CFD is that you can always get your money back immediately and thoroughly if you sell. This is not a matter of course: Numerous Bitcoin exchanges have daily payout limits, so paying out your capital can sometimes take several days.

Our recommendation: If you want to buy or sell Bitcoins as a CFD, you can use Plus500 5 . Plus500 offers deposits by credit card and PayPal and swift account opening without PostIdent. Of progression, you can also use any other CFD broker of your choice. Using Plus500 as an example, we explain how you can easily trade Bitcoin through a broker in our simple step-by-step guide to buying Bitcoin.


There are many reasons to sell a Bitcoin CFD: maybe you want to invest the money in altcoins or realize your profits? Whatever the reason you want to trade your Bitcoin CFD, here are a few things to keep in mind:

You can already set a so-called “stop loss” when buying Bitcoin CFDs. A stop-loss will automatically close an open position once the price falls to the level specified in the order. This way, you can limit your losses. It is up to you to choose exactly where you want to set your stop-