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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Students following a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering BSCPE) degree must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours, including core courses in electrical engineering, computer programming, mathematics, science, and humanities. Electives in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Humanities/Social Sciences, and African American Studies are also required.

Georgia Southern University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering combines classroom instruction with hands-on laboratory experience. You will explore a broad curriculum that emphasizes applying engineering principles, analysis and design skills to solve problems in a cutting-edge field.

Training in topics such as analogue and digital circuits, computer architecture, robotics, software development and more gives you the tools to turn ideas into action and find real-world solutions. Courses in this program are available at the Armstrong and Statesboro locations. However, the final two years of study must be completed in Statesboro.

Educational Goals Of The Program

Georgia Southern’s Computer Engineering program allows you to achieve the following.

  1. Be successfully employed in computer technology or pursue a relevant higher education such as engineering, business or science.
  2. know about designing and implementing computer systems using modern tools and appropriate documentation and testing procedures.
  3. Draw on a broad scientific and technical knowledge base to provide feasible solutions in the appropriate technological, global, societal, ethical and organizational context.
  4. Expand your skills and knowledge of contemporary issues through continuing education or other lifelong learning experiences, including continuing education or licensing.
  5. Communicate and work effectively in cross-functional teams while maintaining high standards of ethics and professional responsibility.

Jobs In Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering will prepare you for various careers in various industries, including communications equipment, cybersecurity, aerospace, government and military sectors, and healthcare systems. You will improve your skills and experience in applied research to fill positions such as:

Hardware Engineer

Software Developer

Systems Analyst

Firmware Engineer

Application Developer

Asic Design Engineer

Technical Assistance Specialist

Web Developer

Network Engineer

Software Developer

Systems Engineer

Analytical Programmer

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