The Buscador De Estatus Becas Benito Juarez 2023 Scholarship system announced relevant dates for families who requested basic-level support, such as the publication date of results and how to consult them.

The status search engine is a handy tool provided by the Buscador De Estatus Becas Benito Juarez 2023 program that allows you to know if you are a beneficiary of any programs < a i=2> of scholarships. Let’s see how to use the Benito Juarez Scholarship status finder to know the exact payment date and the program status.

Therefore the results of the Benito Juarez 2023 scholarship is about to be release. The National Coordination of Benito Juarez Welfare Scholarships reported that it is already sending emails to those admitted to the waiting list to receive support. The Benito Juarez Scholarship system announced relevant dates for families who requested essential support, such as the publication date of results and how to consult them.

“Based on the analysis of the data you report in your Unique Identification Card (CU), as well as the assigned budget and the spaces available in the beneficiary registry, your family could be incorporated into it or be included in the list of priority for their possible incorporation,” said Becas Benito Juarez.

Benito Juarez Scholarships

Benito Juarez Scholarships

The Benito Juarez Scholarships are part of the social programs of the Mexican government, whose objective is to grant financial support in cash to students who live in the 32 entities of the national territory. As we told you, they will receive the November payment and the complete calendar.

How do I Check the Status of my Buscador De Estatus Becas Benito Juarez 2023?

To use Buscador De Estatus Becas Benito Juarez 2023, follow these steps:

  • Enter the official website of the Benito Juarez Scholarships, specifically in the section Beneficiary Consultation:
  • They will request your CURP from you or your son/daughter if he/she is the beneficiary.
  • Check the “I am not a robot” option.
  • Press the “Search” button.

The system will show you the current status of your scholarship, including the scheduled payment date, and will tell you the program in which the scholarship is valid: Basic< an i=2>, Upper Average, or Upper.

The CCT also appears in the result: Work Center Code of the student’s school.

If the scholarship is essential, the CURP of the student’s family group members will also appear.

Who will receive the November payment of the Buscador De Estatus Becas Benito Juarez 2023?

Students affiliated with the Benito Juarez Scholarships will receive this 2023, the last payment from the social program during November. But pay close attention because NOT all beneficiaries will enjoy the money.

Those who joined the social program in the “September-December” period will only receive the economic benefit. In contrast, the remaining beneficiaries received their payment in October 2023.

When will the results of the Benito Juarez Scholarship come out?

When will the results of the Benito Juarez Scholarship come out_

Suppose you filled out an Incorporation Request Form (CSI) to be a beneficiary of the Benito Juarez Basic Education Scholarship Program for Wellbeing, starting in the first half of December. In that case, the consultation will be available through the following link: search engine It is necessary to enter the folio number assigned to each applicant and CURP.

How do I know if I am on the waiting list for the Benito Juarez Basic Education Scholarship?

The National Coordination of Scholarships for Wellbeing has an online stage where you can check how to follow the process and know if you got on the waiting list:

  • Enter the page to consult the status of the Benito Juarez scholarships.
  • Enter your Unique Population Registration Code (CURP).
  • Add the folio that the department gave you once you finished the registration.
  • Click on ‘search’.

At that moment, the platform will open, telling you the status of your request. If you admit, the status will be “in validation of information.”

How do you use the Benito Juarez Scholarship School Finder?

We will explain how you can check if your school is part of the group of priority schools and if it is eligible to receive the Benito Juarez Scholarship.

The Benito Juarez Scholarships aim at girls, boys, adolescents, their families, and young people who study in schools located in priority locations.

That is localities with mainly indigenous populations or with a high or very high degree of marginalization that, due to their characteristics, have priority in coverage and attention.

To search for your school, you must enter the «Work Center Code (CCT),» or in advanced search, and you can search by Educational Level, State, and Municipality.

(If you do not know the CCT of your school, in the following link, you can search by name, entity, and municipality.)

How do you use the Benito Juarez Scholarship School Finder_

If your school appears as:

Priority: Students must come with the indicated documentation within the established period. The date and time of the call will communicate through your campus.

Susceptible: Therefore the incorporation of students into the scholarship will depend on the prioritization criteria and the assigned budget. In the next few days, you can fill out the online incorporation application form to request entry into the program.

Not susceptible: Currently, this school is not considered within the program, and its students are not vulnerable to attention.

Where will I receive my Benito Juarez Scholarship card if I study high school?

The Benito Juarez Scholarships program has issued new instructions for the distribution of cards to level students in high school or high school. Students enrolled in schooled or mixed modalities must be attentive to the official instructions to receive this benefit.

Therefore beneficiaries of the Benito Juarez Scholarship program must make an initial query in the Status Search available on the website ( query) to verify if your status is active, which confirms your official inclusion in the program.

Once this has been verified, they should review the banking section. Where they will find detailed information about the process to follow to receive the Banco del Bienestar card, including dates, places, and specific procedures for delivery of the card.

So the authorities recalled that there are only three ways in which high school students can receive < /span>: charging card your.

Where will I receive my Benito Juarez Scholarship card if I study high school_

– School x School

the beneficiaries will be served at their educational establishment or an Alternate Headquarters close to it, with the intention that students do not have to travel long distances. To do this, registered young people can review the weekly schedule by clicking here and confirming the call with the campus staff. a>

– Banco del Bienestar

According to the data provided in the Status Finder, the student will have to attend a Banco del Bienestar branch, which will be near the study campus; in this way, the incorporation into the program will be completed, and the card will deliver.

– Prior appointment

For people who do not have a card and have already received their first payment, the economic stimulus will be delivered Through a Payment Order. So which can be collected at the window of any Banco del Bienestar branch. To do this, you must schedule an appointment by clicking here and choosing the procedure for delivery of ODP for collection at the window.

So it is essential to remember that how each case will be handled cannot be modified. Those beneficiaries who are minors will have to be accompanied by their mother, father, family representative, or guardian.

Delivery of cards for the Benito Juarez Scholarships

The National Coordination of the Benito Juarez Welfare Scholarships (CNBBBJ) announced that throughout November 2023. The organizers of the program will continue to deliver the Banco Bienestar cards to the beneficiaries, who for some reason, were not able to pick them up in recent weeks.

Thus, All you have to do is enter the “Status Search,” which you can join in this LINK. And you must enter your CURP, and the system will automatically let you check the date, time, and location where you must go to collect your card.


Remember that verifying the information in the official channels of the Buscador De Estatus Becas Benito Juarez 2023 is essential to obtain accurate and reliable data on the scholarship payment. Staying up-to-date will help you stay on top of any updates or changes to the payment schedule. So I hope this information is complete and enables you to obtain the status of your Benito Juarez scholarship.

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