CFGM: Intermediate Training Cycle: The Middle-Grade training cycles are part of the post-compulsory secondary education of the Spanish educational system. CFGM: Intermediate Training Cycle. They have a modular organization which integrates the appropriate learning outcomes to the various professional fields it covers.

Access Roads to CFGMs

Among the requirements for access to intermediate training cycles is to be in one of the following conditions:

  • Be in ownership of the title of Graduate in Compulsory Secondary Education.
  • Have passed a specific preparatory training course for access to intermediate degree cycles in public or private centers authorized by the educational administration.
  • I have passed an entrance exam.
  • Have the title of Basic Technician.

What are Intermediate Training Centers

Intermediate Vocational Training is based on a constant updating and creation of new degrees that respond to the needs of new professional profiles in the changing labor market and adapt to the needs of a future market.

It has a wide range of training. There are 26 professional families and intermediate training cycles that cover practically all the productive sectors in Spain: hospitality and tourism, electricity, health, food, computer science… All are with the common objective of offering technical and practical training aimed at daily reality in a workplace.

Which Training Cycle to Choose?

The offer of intermediate VET is so vast that it is possible not to know which degree to choose.

The ideal is to choose a training cycle focused on the type of work you want to perform. If we also combine it with the most engaging professional opportunities, it is an intelligent choice. However, the most important thing is to feel satisfied with the choice.

The pandemic caused by Covid 19 has benefited health professional families. The cycles to be cited in this case are the star training, the CFGM in Auxiliary Nursing Care and others such as the Technician in Health Emergencies and Technician in Pharmacy and Para pharmacy.

The progressive ageing of the population makes the elderly services sector a vital source of employment. It includes “activities carried out by households as employers of domestic staff”, which generate the majority of jobs, as well as “assistance activities in residential establishments for the elderly and disabled” and “social service and activities without accommodation for elderly and disabled”. The qualification related to this source of employment is that of Technician in Care for People in Situations of Dependency.

It is to be believed that more than one million technology-related jobs will be created in Spain, forming a practically assured future for the students of this type of degree. We find the CFGM of Microcomputer Systems and Networks in this professional family.

In addition. We have a classic with the qualification of Technician in Administrative Management. Which remains among the training cycles with more job options in 2021 given its incredible versatility. As they are training, that adapts to the needs of all types of companies.

Labor Practices

Another advantage of the intermediate training cycles is that you start doing work practices much sooner. The combination of theoretical-practical studies and workplace training (FCT) allows everything studied to be apply in the actual work environment. Thus, learning is much more practical and oriented to the world of work. To the day to day of the work that is going to be performed.

Official Qualification and Continuity in the Training Itinerary

Students who pass the intermediate training cycles of vocational training receive the title of Technician or Technician of the corresponding professional profile.

Therefore, This degree allows, in turn. Access to the training cycles of a higher degree of the educational system’s professional training and the professional teachings of plastic arts and design.

Obtaining a degree from a medium-level training cycle facilitates a satisfactory job placement in what the student has been train for. Placing these studies as the fastest and safest way to access the first job.

As we have seen, intermediate vocational training is an unbeatable option when deciding to study for various reasons. Moreover The most interesting is the possibility of quickly accessing the labour market. Its ability to provide practical training that prepares to reduce the time to adapt to any job and qualify to perform it properly.

And you, what middle-grade training cycle are you going to study?