The first Crossroads Trading Co store opened in 1991 and offers a seasonal inventory of contemporary clothing and accessories for men and women. Located on Fillmore Street (the main shopping street in Pacific Heights), it’s no surprise that there are plenty of second-hand fashion treasures here. Look for amazing deals on designer bags and shoes, leather jackets and some of the best denim selections in town. If you feel like it, you can resell the shirt for 33% of the retail price or 50% in-store. The new national chain has three other stores in the city.

Crossroads is not technically a “used” store. As I define them, thrift stores derive their product from donations, and the proceeds benefit a charity. Crossroads Trading Co  is more of a mail order business. Used clothes are bought and resold. Some parts are on consignment, but most are purchased in advance by vendors and resold. The prices aren’t as good as Goodwill, but the selection and quality are better. To listen!


I always look at the Crossroads designer shelves first. The pieces hanging here don’t cost much more than elsewhere in the store, but they can be real bargains. Crossroads Trading Co This time I wore a lace top from Equipment and Ralph Lauren sweatpants to try. I laughed at Hunter’s hooves.

Crossroads Trading Co Shoes

crossroads trading co

Speaking of shoes, most shoes are displayed on shelves above the shelves, organized by size groups. I saw a lot of pairs that I liked but not in my size:

Long sleeve

It’s still cool enough in Sacramento (and I have a trip to the East Coast planned next week) for me to be looking for sweaters. Crossroads Trading Co I found some nice ones in the Banana Republic.


Crossroads Trading Co Vests are included in the tank tops section, and that intrigued me.

Short sleeves, skirts, dresses. I couldn’t find anything on short sleeves or skirts. searched in vain for a denim skirt. I didn’t take a picture of the clothes department because it was so long (the length of two sections of a wall) and so full of clothes that it was overwhelming and frustrating to watch. And also, I tried to buy the dresses and found one to try on. (And my friend found the CUTEST Anthropologie dress to wear in the shower. Crossroads Trading Co She says she’ll give it to me later!)


This coat rack and designer coat rack are my “must have” sections of Crossroads. The already low prices are softer here, and it’s the best place to look for something from the previous season. For example, I found this Christmas dress at the end of March: Crossroads Trading Co a green version of the Honey Punch sequin wrap dress I already own.


I only walked through this section because it’s next to the dressing room, and I was waiting for my friend to finish. However, I found some interesting bags. The olive drab handbag reminds me of the helmet bags all the young USMC officers liked carrying their stuff in (while pretending to be pilots). Crossroads Trading Co The tooled leather bag looked authentic and was a $15 steal.

About Us

Downtown Evanston is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation that provides marketing, special events, venue development and managing services to the downtown Evanston business ward. Established in 1987, Downtown Evanston is governed by a Board of Directors and works in partnership with commercial properties, business owners and organizations in Downtown and the City of Evanston. Crossroads Trading Co The organization’s overall mission is to market, maintain, develop and improve the vitality of the local economy and quality of life. Learn more about Downtown Evanston in the 2021 Annual Report.

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Crossroads Trading Co Services

  • Physical maintenance is a key responsibility, including overseeing sidewalk cleaning, garbage pick-up, garbage disposal, landscaping, and seasonal plantings.
  • Venue-building initiatives include holiday lighting and decorations on streetlights, holiday decorations in Fountain Square, district-wide banner program and outdoor seating, major games and art public throughout the city center.
  • The Evanston center regularly works with city officials, commissioners and citizens’ groups on strategic issues affecting the area. Examples include streetscape updates, place-making initiatives, and economic development.
  • Downtown Evanston coordinates and markets annual events, including Thursday Night Markets, Fall Festival, Sidewalk Sales, Christmas Tree Lighting and more.
  • Marketing initiatives including annual advertising campaigns, bi-weekly newsletters, social media campaigns.

Crossroads Trading Co Do Business Here

crossroads trading co

If a business, organization or other entity wishes to hold an event in Fountain Square or an event requiring street closures, contact the City of Evanston Parks and Recreation Department to apply for a Special Event Permit.

Downtown Evanston is the commercial center of Chicago’s North Shore, with unique shops, diverse entertainment, incredible restaurants, offices and condominiums. The area has seen unprecedented development and redevelopment over the past decade. New products have included residential and commercial components, resulting in the construction of nearly 4,317 condominium units since 2000 and over 500 rental units.

Additionally, downtown remains a center of work, employing over 15,000 people, and is home to the world headquarters of Rotary International and Accuity, Acquiring, ZS Associates, Magnetar Capital, and other major corporations

Crossroads Trading Co Easily accessible via the Purple Line and Metra, many commuters use these systems as their primary mode of transportation to and from Evanston. Evanston is also expediently located just 30 minutes from O’hare International Airport and 45 minutes from Midway International Airport, making Evanston attractive to regional and international travelers.

Businesses are supported by Downtown Evanston, which manages and markets the downtown Evanston district. Additionally, the Town of Evanston’s economic development staff created an economic development work plan focused on arts and entertainment, business development and growth-oriented startups, and attraction and retention of retail businesses. Crossroads Trading Co These entities work together to ensure that Evanston provides the infrastructure and dynamic business environment businesses need to succeed.

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