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A domain Name System [DNS] is a name database that locates Internet domain names and translates them into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. The Domain Name System maps the name that users use to find a website to the IP address that a computer uses to find that website. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at

For example, when someone types “” into a web browser, a behind-the-scenes server maps that name to the corresponding IP address. An IP address has a structure similar to

Internet browsing and most other Internet activities rely on DNS to quickly provide the information needed to connect users to remote hosts. DNS mapping is distributed across the Internet in a hierarchy of authorities. Access providers and businesses, governments, universities and other organizations often have their own assigned IP address ranges and given domain names. They also usually run DNS servers to manage mapping those names to those speeches. Most Uniform Resource Locators are built around the domain name of the web server receiving client requests.

How DNS works

DNS servers change URLs and domain names into IP reports that computers so can understand and use. And also, They translate what a user types into a browser into to some degree the machine can use to find a web page. This translation and lookup process is called DNS resolution.

The basic process of a DNS resolve follows these steps:

  1. The user enters a web address or domain name into a browser.
  2. The browser sends a message called a recursive DNS query to the network to find out what IP or network address the domain corresponds to.
  3. The query goes to a recursive DNS server, also known as a recursive resolver, typically managed by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). When the recursive resolver has the address, it returns the address to the user and the web page loads.
  4. If the recursive DNS server doesn’t have an answer, it queries many other servers in the following order: DNS root name servers, top-level domain (TLD) name servers, and authoritative name servers.
  5. All three server types work together and forward until they retrieve a DNS record containing the asked IP address. It sends this data to the recursive DNS server, and the web page that the user is looking for loads. DNS root name servers and TLD servers mainly redirect queries and rarely provide resolution themselves.
  6. The recursive server stores or caches the domain name A record containing the IP address. The next time you receive a query for that domain name, you can reply to the user directly instead of querying other servers.
  7. If the query reaches the authorized server and cannot find the information, it returns an error message.

The entire process of querying the various servers takes a fraction of a second and is mostly invisible to the user.

DNS servers answer questions both inside and outside their own domains. When a server receives a request from outside the domain for information about a name or address inside the domain, it provides the authorized response.

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