Facebook Monday clubhouselike spotifykafkavox Update, April 19, 1:42 PM m .: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced a series of audio products that his company plans to launch in the coming weeks and months, including a competitor to Clubhouse and a switch to podcasting. You can read them all below; Spotify’s plan to integrate its music player with Facebook was not included in this list. Speaking with tech journalist Casey Newton, Zuckerberg said he wants Facebook to let audio creators earn money as products launch.

Facebook wants you to start talking and heeding on Facebook.

Facebook wants you to start talking and heeding on Facebook.

Sources say the social network plans to announce many products under the “social voice” umbrella on Monday, some of which won’t be seen for a while.Facebook Monday Clubhouselike Spotifykafkavox hese include the acquisition of Clubhouse by Facebook, the fast-growing audio-only social network last year, and a move into podcast discovery and distribution with the help of Spotify.

Facebook sound plans include:

  • An audio-only version of Rooms, a video conferencing product it launched a year ago as the pandemic fueled mass adoption of Zoom.
  • A Club House-like product that will allow groups of people to listen and interact with speakers on a virtual “stage.”
  • A product that will allow Facebook users to record short audio messages and post them to their news feeds as they can today with text, images and video.
  • A podcast discovery product to affiliate with Spotify has invested heavily in podcasting in recent years. (It’s worth noting: Spotify and Facebook first connected ten years ago when Facebook Monday Clubhouselike Spotifykafkavox  killed off the idea of ​​”frictionless sharing,” meaning your Facebook friends would be able to see what you’re reading, listening to, or watching pretty quickly. Facebook Monday clubhouse like spotifykafkavox It’s unclear whether Facebook wants to do more for its users beyond bookmarking podcasts and posting them to Spotify.

It’s also unclear what the timeline is for the products that Facebook will announce tomorrow. In my opinion, Rooms, again a version of video conferencing without video, is the most likely candidate to go live right away. The sources said that other products may not even appear in beta form until this spring.

Altogether, the announcements signify CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s belief that users of his are ready to use sound and voice as a way to connect. He’s not the only Big Tech exec interested in the idea lately: Twitter has already launched Spaces, which has taken over the Clubhouse. And Apple is preparing a new subscription podcast service that it could announce as early as Tuesday as part of its product launch.

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Facebook will reportedly reveal its competitor Clubhouse on Monday

Facebook is ready to present its answer to Clubhouse and other audio-only social media products like podcasts. And according to reports, it will happen on Monday, April 19.

Facebook Monday Clubhouselike Spotifykafkavox A new Vox report detailed the range of so-called “social audio” products. It’s a bit unclear on the details, but the report notes that it’s unclear when all of this will be released. (Or maybe they all will, we’ll find out soon enough.) Facebook’s plan is centered around reveals, with perhaps just one or two of the items arriving in short order.

You can look forward to an audio-only version of Rooms, Facebook’s answer to the Zoom video conferencing app launched in 2020. The unnamed “clubhouse-like product” appears to work more or less as one would expect, with groups of participants interacting with the host and other speakers “on a virtual ‘stage’.” Vox writer Peter Kafka speculates this will arrive as soon as possible, perhaps even alongside the reveal.

Another feature promises to bring user-created audio snippets into Facebook’s news feed, which could be the most transformative revelation regarding how it could affect Facebook Monday Clubhouselike Spotifykafkavox a person’s daily experience on the social network. The report notes that the audio snippets will slide in alongside the text, images, and videos that people can already share on their feeds.

Finally, expect Facebook to announce a partnership with Spotify to drive podcast discovery. Although, as Kafka points out: It’s not clear to me whether Facebook intends to do more than bookmark podcasts for its users and send them to Spotify.”

The expectation is that Facebook users will see most of this stuff take shape, in beta form at least, by late spring.

Facebook and Spotify Planning Podcast Discovery Boost


Facebook plans to pursue clubhouse and podcasts with a host of new audio products, says Vox’s Peter Kafka. Although some launches will be far away, announcements are expected today. They will include “a step toward Spotify-powered podcast discovery and distribution” and a Clubhouse-style platform.

The new collection is, of course, under the umbrella of ‘social voice’ led by Clubhouse. No one knows how Facebook podcast-style live chat rooms could work. Facebook Monday clubhouse like spotifykafkavox Another product will allow users to record short voice messages and send them to news sources such as text, images and videos.

Details are scant about the podcast exploration project, says Kafka. Facebook Monday Clubhouselike Spotifykafkavox At a minimum, he hopes that Facebook will bookmark the podcasts for users and post them to Spotify. Elsewhere on the audio battlefield. Apple is preparing a new subscription podcast service that it may announce early Tuesday as part of its product launch.”

Do Me Convenience: QR Codes and Podcast Promotion

They may have been invent in 1994, but it took until 2020 for people to use QR codes as part of their daily lives, says Podnews editor James Cridland. Facebook Monday clubhouse like spotifykafkavox Now, almost everyone caught it. Their general use in contact tracing has made them perfect for podcast promotion – no learning curve.

Spotify’s Car Thing has the same concept, although entirely new. Tom Webster, senior vice premier of research at Edison, highlights the affordable value proposition of the device. “It’s hard to make people want something new. When you can give them something they already want easier and better, that’s the key to behaviour change.”

Cridland explains that scanning the QR code is much simpler and more familiar. Than typing in a URL or the title of a podcast. For added convenience, it even provides a code generator. By neglecting this ubiquitous little box in promotional materials, we are making subscribing more difficult than it should be.

Clout Podcast: The Secret to an Exceptional Guest Speech

A great pitch is essential to finding a guest spot on the best podcast. Podcast owner Clout cracked the code and won an interview on Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income. As a result, the email list skyrocketed. Then he began closing deals worth tens of thousands of dollars.

For Christina Nicholson, starting a relationship with the podcast host opened up incredible opportunities. She was invite back as a guest, was accept into a special mastermind session. And even joined him on stage at the 2019 Podcast Movement in Orlando.

Now Christina shares the same step that she sent to Pat Flynn. She will even explain the follow-up process, the booking process, and what happened after she answered. yes. Ready to make a worthwhile first impression?

About Facebook Monday Clubhouselike Spotifykafkavox

There is a recent Facebook Monday Clubhouselike Spotifykafkavox  attempt that has caused many people to lose access to their accounts. The trick seems to come in one of two forms:

  1. An email to the account associated with your Facebook account telling you that your account violates Facebook’s content guidelines and that your account will be deleted within 48 hours if you do not take any action to review the content.
  2. An email sent to the account associated with your Facebook account, saying that a suspicious person has recently tried to access your Facebook account and asking you to verify your login information.

Both emails look like Facebook support emails. The buttons you click in both emails take you to what looks like Facebook (but this is old Facebook, not the new Facebook).

If you follow these links and verify your information, you will lose access to your account and the hacker can change your email and password, thus permanently losing access to your account. Facebook Monday Clubhouselike Spotifykafkavox The hackers appear to target people whose personal Facebook account is linked to a Business Manager Facebook account.

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