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Google Quantum Computer – Work, The Importance of the Quantum, and More

Google Quantum Computer

Google Quantum Computer

Despite this, the information from Google quantum computer was made public.

The operation of the new machine is based on the principles of quantum physics. It is precisely these principles that allow this type of equipment to exceed conventional computers in speed far.

How does Google’s quantum computer work?

What happens is that classic processors operate only with bits. These save the information with only zeros or ones.

However, Google’s new processor works with qubits, where each bit can present the two values simultaneously, according to the law of quantum physics.

In this way, when combining two qubits, four possible states are obtained that overlap.

With three, there are already eight, and with four qubits, there are 16 different states simultaneously.

This fundamental difference allows quantum computers to take the lead.

The importance of the quantum computer:

Practical uses:

In essence, its primary mission is to demonstrate that it is possible to use a computer with a quantum processor.

IBM reaction

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