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How to Uninstall Apps on Mac?

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac_

Uninstall Apps on Mac

Uninstall apps on Mac; possibly more than one of you has asked this question. But, of course, you may even ask it—those of you who have been on the platform.

You will already know or have read about the subject for a long time. But, for newcomers, let’s now calmly look at how to uninstall macOS apps.

macOS and the Applications we install

There are 2 types of applications in macOS: those with their installer and containers. In the former, we have examples like the Adobe package, and in the latter, the majority (Affinity Photo, Imagewell, etc.).

What is the correct way to uninstall an app on macOS?

So how do I correctly uninstall an app on macOS? If the application has its uninstaller, this is what you should use. It is essential that when you install a new app.

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