The Department of Population and Civil Registration of Pekanbaru City under the leadership of Hj. Irma Novita again won the prestigious award as the Most Innovative Regional Apparatus of Pekanbaru City at the 2021 Regional Innovation Index Assessment event. 18/08/22

The handover of the charter was handed over directly by the Pekanbaru City Secretary, Muhammad Jamil, in the hall of the main building of the mayor’s integrated office complex in Tenayan Raya.

Based on the decision of the Mayor of Pekanbaru number 461 of 2022 concerning the determination of the Regional Innovation Index (IID) for regional apparatus within the Pekanbaru City government in 2021 on June 2, 2022. http // nik The Pekanbaru Disdukcapil was designated as the Most Innovative Regional Apparatus by the mayor of Pekanbaru. After overthrowing the incumbent BKPSDM with a thin score of 69.2

In determining the regional innovation index assessment, 49 regional officials participated. The number of innovations obtained by Disdukcapil only amounted to 25 innovations while the BKPSDM amounted to 29 innovations. However, in determining the final score. Disdukcapil did not remain silent to catch up the numbers and in the end Disdukcapil was the winner with a total score of 2,434.8 and 2,365.6.

How To Check NIK Online To See Registered KTP Or Not

How To Check NIK Online To See Registered KTP Or Not


The way to check NIK online is straightforward to do. The checking steps are also relatively easy, so it does not take time and lengthy procedures anywhere and anytime.
By checking NIK online, people no longer need to bother coming to the Office of Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil).
Based on the official website of the Dukcapil Office in Indonesia, here are several ways to check your NIK online:
How to check your NIK via Email is to send an email to callcenter. http // nik  with the format #NIK#Name_Lengkap#Nomor_Kartu_Keluarga#Nomor_Telp#Complaint. After sending it, wait for a reply, approximately 24 hours, to find out the NIK check. Social Media
The way to check NIK is also available through Dukcapil’s official Twitter or Instagram account, namely http // nik. In addition, Dukcapil can also be contacted through other social media such as Facebook.
Check NIK via SMS using only the format http // nik  and then send it to the Disdukcapil number of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) at 0815-3636-9999.
Dekkers can also check NIK via a short message application to WhatsApp at 0813-2691-2479. By sending data such as full name following KTP, NIK, sub-district/district/regency/city.
Ministry of Home Affairs Official Website
NIK checks can also be accessed through the official website the Ministry of Home Affairs provides, namely http // nik. By looking for the e-KTP menu and filling in the NIK you have. If the ID card number matches, it will be directed to a display containing complete data according to the ID card.
Dukcapil Call Center
In addition to the methods above, you can contact the Halo Dukcapil call centre via telephone number 1500-537. You must prepare data such as NIK and KK numbers to check your NIK number.
Later, the officer will ask you to read out the NIK and match it. You can immediately submit the data synchronization if it is not valid.
Well, those are some easy ways to check your NIK online. Apart from being practical, through some of the methods above, people don’t need to visit the nearest Dukcapil office.

Population Registration

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Recording Of Population Events Reporting And Data Collection On Population Vulnerable To Occupation Administration As Well As Issuance Of Population Documents In The Form Of Identity Cards Or Residence Certificates.

Family Card

A family Card is a family identity card that contains data about the name, composition, and relationships in the family, as well as the identity of family members.

On Top

KTP-el is an Identity Card equipped with a chip which is the official identity of the population as proof of self-issued by the Implementing Agency that is valid throughout the Territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Child Identity Card

A child Identity Card is the child’s official identity as proof of the child’s age who is less than 17 years old and unmarried issued by the Regency/City Population and Civil Registration Office.

Transfer Certificate Coming

Residents Moving and Arrival Certificate is issued by the Implementing Agency of the Population and Civil Registration Service for Indonesian Citizens who report their arrival to become Residents.

Certificate Of Displaced Person

Certificate of Displaced Persons (SKOT) an identity issued by the Department of Population and Civil Registration given to displaced persons who have been record.

Residence Certificate

A residence Certificate (SKTT)  an identity issue by the Department of Population and Civil http // nik – Registration given to foreigners with a Limited Stay Permit Card (KITAS).

Civil Registration

Civil Registration Is The Recording Of Important Events Experienced By A Person In The Civil Registration Register At The Regency/City Population And Civil Registration Service Or The Technical Implementation Unit Of The Population And Civil Registration Service.

Birth Act

Birth Certificate Excerpts  accurate data citations taken partly from the birth certificate register, issue and sign by authorize official base on the provisions of laws and regulations.

Death Act

A death Certificate  a deed made and issue by the Population Service which proves the death of a person definitively.

Marriage Certificate

The Act of Marriage is an outward and inward bond between a man and a woman as husband and wife to form a happy and permanent family/household based on the One and Only God.

Divorce Act

Divorce cancellation is the reunion of husband and wife in a marriage bond based on a court order.

Registration Of Adoption, http // nik – Children

Adoption of a child is a legal action to transfer a child’s rights from the environment of the parent’s family. Legal guardian or another person who is responsible for the care, education and rearing of the child into the family environment of his adoptive parents based on a court decision or decision.

Child Recognition is a father’s acknowledgement of his child born outside the legal marriage bond with the consent of the child’s biological mother. Child ratification is the ratification of the status of a child born outside the legal. Marriage bond at the time of recording the marriage of the child’s parents.

Registration Of Marriage Cancellation

http // nik – Registration of Marriage Cancellation is the cancellation. Of husband and wife bonds in a marriage based on a court decision.

Registration Of Corrections And Cancellations Of Civil Registration Deeds

Deed Correction the correction of a civil registration deed by a civil registration official against. An act that has written or editorial errors. When the deed has been process, either before it submittal or after it has been submitter to the data subject.

Name Change Recording

Name Change is a change of name as a personal identity based on the determination of the District Court.