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Importerror: Numba Needs Numpy 1.21 Or Less

Importerror_ Numba Needs Numpy 1.21 Or Less

Importerror: Numba Needs Numpy 1.21 Or Less lower is required when converting python code to machine-level code due to NumPy module incompatibility. This article will first look at its root cause and solution. But with that said, we will go to another level to understand what numba is and why we use it in industry.

Importer: numba requires NumPy 1.21 or lower (root cause and solution) –

The error statement is also self-explanatory. Numba only supports lower versions of numpy, precisely 1.21. However, the current version of Numpy at the time of creating this article is 1.22.3. Now how do you check the current version of NumPy in your system? Here is the command for the same.

Downgrading NumPy  t0 1.21 or lower Version

We can use the pip package manager to downgrade the NumPy version. We need to mention the understanding of the package.

Why do we use Numba?

Numba is a package to optimize the python code’s performance. We all know the interpreter converts High-level language to machine language. Here Python is built on the C programming language. Hence, the software on top of the C programming language is faster than Python oriented programming language. To match or optimize the performance of the python programming language, we convert it to Cython or Numba package. It will convert code to machine level, ultimately providing faster computation.

We all know Python is a too syntax-friendly programming language compared to C, FORTRON, or C++. Using this Numba or similar package, we fill the gap between performance and coding complexity. I hope now you can efficiently resolve your bug. Also, we understood other related aspects of this.

I work using two different environments:

  1. In both settings, I have Numpy v1.22 installed and working well.
  2. I installed Libros in both systems without any errors
  3. librosa works excellent on the Linux environment (with NumPy 1.22)
  4. But in Mac OSX, I got an import error when I tried to run a file with this single line below:

Question 1

If the problem is the Numba dependencies, why it’s working well on Linux and broken on Mac OSX?

Question 2

If this information is correct, which is the way to fix it?

To get the Libros package working on Mac OSX, it needs to fix this NumPy version limit on Numba. Right?

My OSX System:

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