Instagram Messages Desktop

Instagram messages desktop Straight function, included in the Instagram application, allows us to send private messages to other network users.

These direct messages or Instagram DMs have become an essential communication source with our contacts and other people.

The feature has taken a long time to be available on the PC or Mac via the browser. Luckily, we can now send, receive, and read Instagram DM direct messages from the PC. It is the step-by-step manual to get it.

What are Instagram DMs or Direct Messages?

Instagram Direct lets you send messages to 1 or more people. For example, we can send the following items as a note on Instagram Direct :

We can post the photos or videos you take or upload from your library

  • Posts you see in the feed
  • Temporary photos and videos
  • Profiles
  • Text
  • Hashtags
  • Locations

If it is from a person we follow, we will receive a notification. If someone you don’t follow sends you a message, it will appear as a request in your inbox.

To cast off or allow the message, swipe left on the news (on iOS) or touch, hold the message (on Android), and select Delete or Accept.

Send direct messages on Instagram from the web:

  • Sending Instagram DMs or direct messages from your PC is as simple as following these steps:
  • Access
  • Enter your phone, username, or email along with the password; or Login with Facebook
  • If you have 2-step verification activated, enter the code
  • Here click on the Instagram DM icon in the upper right area
  • Click on send a message, select contact and write text or image

How to receive and read DM from Instagram online?

Similarly, we can receive messages and read Instagram DMs from the computer. Again, the process is practically the same:

  • Access
  • Enter your phone, username, or email along with the password; or Login with Facebook
  • If you have 2-step verification activated, enter the code
  • Here click on the Instagram DM icon in the upper right area
  • Here check the conversations in the left area, just below the word Direct.
  • The icon on the top bar and the conversation will show us that we have messages pending to read.

Direct messages with the Instagram application for PC

In addition to entering the social network from our browser, Instagram has its application or desktop version that we container download from the Microsoft Store at this same link.

Once installed, we can open the application and send direct messages from the web version or the app from the mobile or tablet.

Specifically, to send Instagram DM from the desktop application, these are the steps to follow:

We open Instagram:

  • We identify ourselves with our email account and password.
  • At the top right of the main page, we find a series of icons or options.
  • For example, there we find the one that allows us to send direct messages on Instagram, which is the one that appears with the icon in the shape of a paper plane.
  • Click on the button, and the screen will automatically appear from where we will manage all direct messages on the social network.
  • We will see the list of contacts or followers we have exchanged private messages with on the left.
  • In the central part, we are shown the option to Send a new message. At the top, we find the Instagram search engine, and the available options are kept to return to any section of the application.
  • To send a direct message, click on Send a message, and a new window will appear in which we can search for the user to whom we want to send it.
  • Instagram will also show us suggestions based on the latest messages sent or our social network activity.
  • In the left panel, next to the Direct title, we also find an icon with a sheet and a pencil from which we can send direct messages on Instagram to click on this icon again to send messages.
  • Once we have selected the user or users we want to send the private message, click on Next, and the chat will open to exchange messages with that person.
  • At the bottom, we will find the text field to write our messages, and next to it, we will also have the option to add or send photos in direct messages.
  • From this screen, we will see whenever we want our private conversations with other social network users, respond to direct messages sent by our friends, retrieve old discussions, etc.

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