Ironside Computer Review

Ironside Computers is an online PC builder for serious gamers who want to take a custom approach to buying a desktop or laptop. Basically, they give you the opportunity to design your own computer from a wide variety of possible features. You use their “Online PC Builder” to choose the hardware you want to include, then they put it together and ship it to you.
Ironside Computer  While it is of course more expensive than building your own computer from scratch, the entire process is well designed and well executed. Overall, working with PC Ironside is an extremely positive experience.

Based on online explore and 52 Ironside Computers reviews, Ironside Computers has an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5. The Ironside Computers review score is based on Ironside Computers customer ratings, brand popularity, the competitiveness of the prices, as well as the breadth and quality of the characteristics that it offers to the clients. The Ironside Computers review chart below includes durability, warranty protection, and. You can also compare Ironside PCs to popular alternatives like Vistaprint, Shutterfly, and Dell.

Ironside Computers ( is a famous gaming PC brand that competes with other gaming PC brands like Vistaprint, Shutterfly, Dell, HP, and Micro Center. Associated with its competitors, Ironside Computers is a mid-range performer in its category, according to our detailed Ironside Computers review.

Building Your Computer

Ironside really makes an effort to make the process of designing your own computer as easy as possible while still leaving room for maximum customizability. Ironside Computer To start with, you’re given the option of selecting either a desktop or a laptop. From there, they give you a few baseline models to choose from, along with four different levels of quality/price:

Once you’ve selected your baseline computer, it’s now time to customize. You’re given a list of every single part that’s included, and you can swap any one of these out for something different just by clicking Change. This gives you total control over every feature of the product. Want better storage? Buy better storage. Want more processing power? Buy a better processor. It’s as simple as that.

After you’ve decided on the exact setup you want, it then gets custom-built, checked, tested, and shipped in a matter of days. Note, though, that they can sometimes take a little longer than they say they will. They say standard construction takes 10 days while rush takes only five, but they have been known to get a day or two behind schedule.

Is Ironside Computer a good company?

Reputable. Yes, I believe Ironside is reliable. I have a friend that ordered a pc from there, and he said everything was perfect when it arrived. However, I bought from biopower before, and they are terrible. Their prices are all ripoff, and their wire management is awful.

How long does Ironside PCS last?

ironside computers

Maximum performance. Each custom Ironside PC is expertly crafted to maximize gaming performance and accelerate creative work. Extensively tested for up to 72 hours, we ensure your prebuilt PC is a reliable, high-performance PC that will perform at its absolute best over years of heavy use.

Is Ironside PCS upgradable?

All updates recommended by Mr. Memory are 100% compatible with your Ironside PCs.

In Mr. Memory, you push your device to the limit by getting improved speed and maximum performance with every update. In element, we pride ourselves on delivering speed and performance in all aspects of our business.

Is Ironside computer in USD?

Our computers work on 110v to 240v. All of our prices are in USD (United States Dollar).

What does ram do in a computer?

How does RAM work? The purpose of RAM is to store short-term data that a computer needs to function correctly. But unlike a hard drive or SSD (medium state drive), which keeps data indefinitely, RAM is reset every time the system is rebooted.

How much RAM do you need for Windows 10?

For a Windows 10 PC, 8 GB of RAM is the minimum requirement for a high-performance Windows 10 PC. However, 8 GB of RAM is recommend, especially for Adobe Creative Cloud applications. And to match this amount of RAM, you need to install a 64-bit Windows 10 operating system.

What RAM speed do I need?

How fast should RAM be for making a bet PC? We recommend sticking with two DDR4 modules with a minimum clock speed of 3000 MHz for a dual-channel build. It should ensure you get the most out of the best gaming CPUs.

maximum performance

Every custom Ironside PC is expertly crafter to maximize gaming performance and accelerate creative work. Thoroughly tested for up to 72 hours, we ensure your prebuilt PC is a reliable, high-performance PC that will perform at its absolute best through years of heavy use.


We back our gaming PCs at no extra cost with our unmatched 3-year Ironside Warranty on 5-year labor parts. Our goal is to be the premier gaming and creative PC maker, and we seek quality and longevity in our builds to continue earning that title.

Protect your investment

Ironside Computer Every Ironside PC receives premium packaging, including a double box and Instagram to keep all your custom PC components securely in place. This secure package is just one aspect of the PC building process where we go the extra mile.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Ironside Computers

What is Ironside Computers’ Revenue?

Ironside Computers’ revenue is <$5 Million

What is Ironside Computer SIC code?

Ironside Computers’ SIC: 73,737

What is Ironside Computer NAICS code?

Ironside Computers’ NAICS: 541,541511

How many employees are working in Ironside Computers?

Ironside Computers has <25 employees

What is Ironside Computer industry?

Ironside Computers is in the industry of Consumer Services, Repair Services

What is Ironside Computer tech stack?

The technologies that Ironside Computers use are: recatch, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Twitter Ads, PHP

Who is Ironside Computers’ CEO?

Ironside Computers’ CEO is Robert Apace.


Is Ironside Computers a good company? Reputable. Yes I believe Ironside is reliable I have a friend that order a pc from there and he said Overall, Ironside Computers is a good choice for any serious gamer who doesn’t have the time to build a complete PC independently. They have a sound system. And what’s not to like about a custom-built machine with precisely the features you want.

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