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Java Write For Us

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What is Java?

Java is a usually used object-oriented programming language and software platform that runs on billions of devices, including notebook computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, medical devices and many others. The rules and syntax of Java are based on the C and C++ languages.

One major advantage of developing software with Java is its portability. Once you have written code for a Java program on a notebook computer, it is very easy to move the code to a mobile device. When the language was invented in 1991 by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems (later acquired by Oracle), the primary goal was to be able to “write once, run anywhere.”

It’s also important to understand that Java is much different from JavaScript. Javascript does not need to be compiled, while Java code does need to be compiled. Also, Javascript only runs on web browsers while Java can be run anywhere.

What Java is used for?

Developers use Java to idea applications in laptops, data center’s, game consoles, scientific supercomputers, cell phones, and other devices. Java is the world’s third most popular programming language, after Python and C – according to the TIOBE index, which evaluates programming language popularity.

What is java with syntax and example

Java is a Class based from top to bottom level object oriental programming language developed by, James gosling.  And his friend’s in the year 1991,,

The first version of java ( JDK  1.0) was released on the year23′ June 1996. By sun Microsystems. What is pre  defined package.  The package which are already created by java developer people are called pre defined package.

Ex; lava long.  Java applet. Java awt. And Java 10. Java util java net. and java SQL.

Java long  : it is the default package also known as heart of the java because without using this package we can’t write even a single program and we need not to import this package,,

Java util this package is used to implement data structures of java. It contain utility classes  also known as collection framework.

Ex : linked list. Stack vector.  Hashet.  Treeset. Etc..

Java 10÷ to stands for Input output this package is very useful to perform Input. Output operation on file. Ex: file. File write. File reader etc..

Java applet ÷ the package mainly to develop GUI related applications. Applet program are Web related program  created at server but executed at client machine. Ex : applet.

Java awt÷ awt stands for abstract windows tool kit. It is also used to developed gui applications the only difference between applet & awt program is awt program are stand alone program & it contain main unlike applet. ex: frame. Button. Textile  net URL .inet address.URL connection and 80 on.

Java  SQL:  connection.  Statement.  Result set etc..

Java swing: j frame. Jbutton. J text feild etc…..

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Why Write For Super Computer World – Java Write For Us

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