Duluth Trading Company: You’ve heard of the Duluth Trading Company, even if you’re not exactly sure what they trade. Over the last decade, the provider has made a name for itself for its extravagant billboards and commercials. Maybe you’ve seen the TV commercial with instructions on how to fix “plumber butt,” or the angry beaver, or perhaps someone sent you the YouTube clip of the burly cartoon boy pole dancing to polka music.

Based in Belleville, Wisconsin (that’s right, Duluth Trading isn’t based in Duluth), he loves to lead with his laid-back sense of humour. Duluth Trading started workwear and accessories in 1989 when the founders, two brothers from Duluth, Minnesota, introduced the Bucket Boss: a canvas tool belt that attaches to a five-gallon bucket and makes it easy to transport tools in a workplace to drag.

Duluth Trading happily embraces kitsch and quirky humor, but the company hasn’t taken its growth strategy lightly. In 2017, the company opened 15 new stores and plans to open 15 more this year. In 2018, it is striving to grow its women’s business, which accounted for just 21% of net sales through fiscal 2016. It has also taken stages to move beyond workwear and into the apparel space. sporty. Today, it competes with brands like REI, Columbia and Patagonia to appeal to younger, more active consumers, while continuing to compete with brands like Cabela’s and Carhartt in workwear.

Duluth Trading Company Is Something Very Special

When we started looking for a new location, we asked the people who identified best: our customers. What can I say, our customers know how to choose! They were always a helpful bunch and directed us to the corner of 98 and Lyndale Ave in Bloomington MN – site of the former Burger Brother sporting goods store.

Duluth Trading Company new store offers 14,000 square feet of hard-working attitude – our largest retail store yet and enough space to showcase our entire collection of innovative and committed workwear for men and women, as fine as all the smart tools, gadgets, organizers, apothecary and accessories. Special equipment you need for the job.

And as you’d expect from Duluth Trading, it’s not a boring shopping experience. The Bloomington store has a railroad theme that commemorates the contribution of train travel to Minnesota history. Step inside, and you can purchase gear from rare railway memorabilia from a bygone era. It’s a truly rich experience that no mall can match.

Warehouse Manager

The Duluth Trading Company was founded in 1989 to empower hard-working people to take control of their lives. People who like to do it the hard way and celebrate discovery in a better way. We are looking for talented persons who share these beliefs and look forward to continuing the Duluth Trading legacy with a digital-first mindset of always moving forward and innovating.

From smart Duluth workwear to comfortable Buck Naked underwear to AKHGs that hug the great outdoors to carefully engineered and sourced best-made products, it’s all about innovative gear and gadgets that empower customers for a much more comfortable equipped life.

Premium quality, immersive storytelling, excellent customer service and a shared belief that the spirit of digging and digging is in everyone sets Duluth Trading Co apart. We’re looking for clear people who want to be part of a team and are determined to help the world get ready, get their hands dirty and do it.

Duluth Trading Company work environment

Duluth Trading Company

At Duluth Trading Company, we basically believe in strong personal interactions because our culture thrives when we learn, create, and collaborate. This position will be based in our Compliance Center in Dubuque, IA.

What is Duluth Trading Company

  • The director of the Dubuque Fulfillment Center is an independent executive who understands ambiguity and is an excellent communicator.
  • Hire and develop talented people to support and execute business strategy by setting clear direction, expanding goals, distributing work appropriately, planning activities, achieving results, and pursuing and rewarding excellence and customer provision.
  • Contributes advantageously to the supply chain leadership team and supports senior management in defining the company’s omnichannel logistics strategy and direction based on future business development opportunities, external factors, emerging technologies and customer needs.
  • Responsible for serving as ambassadors of Duluth culture. It includes using the 10 Welds as a guide to achieving results, employee engagement and personal/team development.
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously; plan, organize, organize, negotiate contracts, services, and suppliers and communicate progress regularly.
  • Monitor production and seasonal staffing needs for the omnichannel distribution network.
  • Report and present financial results, developments and goals to the Senior Director, senior management team, Advisory Board and colleagues as appropriate.
  • Responsible and accountable for overall compliance center budget, transportation and capital projects.
  • Manage Compliance Center upgrades and enhancements. Implement changes in the warehouse management system for efficient process flow, changes in business strategy and initiatives to continuously improve customer service.
  • Ensure that the department or personnel comply with company policies and procedures and perform the required reviews under the company’s SOX 404 and PCI programs.


Originally founded by brothers Bob and Dave Fiera as Portable Products, Inc. in 1989, the company focused primarily on construction workers and a tool accessory known as the Bucket Boss. The company expanded to include more tool accessories and storage equipment in a catalogue under the Portable Products banner. Shortly after, the first headquarters were built on a barge in Duluth, Minnesota. In 1993 the record was expanded and given the title Duluth Trading Company

The brand personality, built around the persona of an eccentric merchant, could be a double-edged sword as Duluth Trading prepares to grow: this voice resonates with many shoppers in the suburbs and rural areas, but potentially alienates to those who expected a certain level of vibrancy and inclusion from their favorite brands. Whether this latter segment of the population is even on Duluth Trading’s radar depends on who you ask.

Internal of a Duluth Trading Company store in Wixom, Michigan

In the mid-1990s, the company change hands and was taken over by Fiskars. In 2000 it was sold, this time to Gempler’s, and the headquarters moved to Belleville, Wisconsin. To end plumbers’ tears, the company created a successful line of t-shirts called Longtail T-Shirts in 2002. Gempler’s was sold to Lab Safety Supply in 2003, and ownership remained with Duluth Trading Company. Two years advance, in 2005, the first women’s set was published.

In 2011, the Duluth Trading Company ran its first national commercials featuring an angry beaver. Duluth Trading Company’s parent company, Duluth Holdings, went public in 2015.

Duluth Trading Company experienced a decline in sales in 2017 due to rapid expansion. During the retail destruction of the mid-2010s, when many physical stores closed, the Duluth Trading Company exceeded its own expectations and continued to open new locations across the United States. As of December 8, 2017, there were 31 stores, and there are plans to open 15 more this year. The company will open its first New York store at Ramsey Square Mall in Ramsey, New Jersey.

What is Duluth Trading famous for?

Duluth Trading reintroduces men’s and women’s brands into a single brand called Duluth. The Duluth brand focuses more on work-related clothing and gear. Alaskan Headgear was rename AKHG and now specializes in outdoor casual wear and products for men and women.

Who owns the Duluth Trading Company?

Fiskars eventually purchased Duluth in the 1990s. Owned by Steve Schlecht since 2000; He is now the CEO and founder of the company as it exists today. Stephanie Pugliese joined the company in 2008.

Will the Duluth Trading Company close its doors?

Mount Horeb-based Duluth Trading Company has decided to temporarily close all of its stores to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Is the Duluth Trading Company ethical?

Overall Verdict: We Avoided

Duluth Holdings own Duluth Trading. The environmental qualification is “very bad”. There is no evidence that it reduces your carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions in your supply chain. Few environmentally friendly materials are use.

Is Duluth an American company?

All their jeans, shirts, pants, and outerwear (unless you’re looking for hats) made overseas. Duluth Trading Co. still has a small selection of Made in USA accessories and personal care products.

Is it worth investing in Duluth?

Vision. The Duluth Trading Company has a consumer rating of 2.1 stars from 143 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally displease with their purchases. Consumers who complain about Duluth Trading Company often cite customer service, Bull’s guarantee, and free shipping issues.