The mac OS Catalina developer beta (as well as the Gold Master that was released last Thursday), and while I like it, I’m not saying they should all be updated at this point.

Yes, the post–iTunes world is not evil, but you should have concerns, depending on the applications you use.

On the bright side, there is nothing to worry about regarding Apple’s apps. If you don’t use any third-party apps, see that the apps that replace iTunes are full-featured, so advanced users will have nothing to worry about.

However, the death of 32-bit apps in Catalina could make the update a nightmare on the downside.

How does iTunes is dead

Yes, the rumours of the disappearance of iTunes are true. Except your content lives on in the trio of music, Podcasts, and TV apps.

  • Each looks like iTunes, with a navigation menu on the left controls at the top. And content as a list/icon on the rest of the screen. Music is a suitable replacement.
  • The best news in all of this, aside from macOS combining iOS and tvOS for its media apps, is that Music doesn’t take away any of iTunes’ best features. As expected and desired, all iTunes’ power-user features are intact, including iCloud Music Library and local MP3 support.
  • It means you can keep adding songs to your group from outside of Apple’s library, so you’re not dependent on things the company deletes and pays for.
  • The best examples of individual tracks are rare concert recordings and mixtapes with raw samples.
  • I tested this by uploading some albums that I bought as MP3s, changing their metadata, and viewing those same songs and album names on my other Apple devices.
  • On top of that, Music has a feature that iTunes didn’t have, and Spotify’s desktop client doesn’t offer either lyric.
  • So yes, tap on the speech bubble icon, and the lyrics of the song you are listening to will seem in a menu on the right.
  • However, I think Music needs to manually organize the playlist list in the left menu as it is still stuck in alphabetical sorting. This curb has always forced me to start playlist names with the letter A to reach the top.
  • I’m still hitting the trail when dealing with Apple Music sections.
  • Every time I click For You or Browse, the delay is somewhat lengthy (at least 5 seconds), which doesn’t feel right on this quick test system.
  • One bug I ran into is that the For You and Browse sections in Apple Music didn’t always open on click.
  • Sometimes I had to click on another team and click For You again to open; in other areas, I had to close the app and reopen it for it to work.

What is macOS Catalina Availability

Download macOS Catalina now, for free. It is compatible (according to Apple) with:

  • [MacBook (2015 and later)]
  • [MacBook Air (2012 and later)]
  • [MacBook Pro (2012 and later)]
  • [Mac mini (2012 and later)]
  • [iMac (2012 and later)]
  • [iMac Pro (2017 and later)]
  • [Mac Pro (2013 and later)]

I tested macOS Catalina on a docked 15-inch MacBook Pro. The presentation was solid during that time, but I hope it is, as that machine is powered by a 9th Gen 8-core Intel Core i9 CPU with 32GB of RAM.

macOS Catalina brings iPad apps to the Mac

  • The catalyst must be enormous for everybody, putting Mac apps in shape.
  • During my macOS Catalina period, I didn’t get any iPad apps obtainable on the App Store as they expire this fall.
  • In my opinion, I can hardly wait that long as I want to dedicate Netflix and Overcast apps on the Mac.
  • Expect many Catalyst apps in the coming weeks, including a new Rosetta Stone app. Asphalt 9 racing game, and TripIt, SAP / Concur’s trip planning tool.
  • Twitter is also working on a Catalyst app, which might be the best way to deal with social media.
  • Considering how third-party app developers cut themselves to notifications.

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