Maple Motors is a family-owned company specializing in classic, custom and hot rod vehicles for over 39 years.

Maple Motors has been family owned and operated for over 39 years, specializing in buying and selling unique vehicles. Jim, Jason, and Jeff are three brothers who proudly work alongside their father, James Fite Sr. better known as Pops. Pat and Nick are also an important part of the Maple Motors team. We all enjoy working together and make it fun to come to work every day. We all have a passion for powerful cars and are happy to make them a part of our daily lives. Our business has remained in the same humble Middle Tennessee location, and we’re proud to be one of the minnows in this great pond of booming classic cars.

We want to maintain the southern-style mom and pop store atmosphere and we don’t want to be a big corporate giant. We are connected to the world and have a relaxed attitude when doing business. And also, We strive for integrity and thank God every day for our blessed family and work. Maple Motors has a wide range of specialty vehicles, but we try to focus on muscle cars from the ’60s and ’70s.

We stock domestic cars from every year, but we love anything that’s different or “pushes our buttons.” We only buy cars that we personally appreciate. One thing we’re trying to do is sell vehicles that are affordable to the average American worker and that you don’t have to mortgage your home to buy.

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Maple Motors

If you read some of the reviews here, I have to say that they are bias, that the people writing them do not have credibility, and I’m basing that based on other reviews they have not written,. Now whether or not you think you’re going to buy a classic car over the internet, and have it shipped without a warranty, without a guarantee, you must be a little naive.

A friend of mine bought a Camaro from here, and it was nothing but problems, and to ship a car like this with very obvious issues, engine issues electrical issues, it just was not a good transaction. The transaction I’m talking about is based on some form of integrity that goods for services can be a standard held with confidence by both parties. This is a used car dealership, and they are not selling the integrity of a car. A guy comes on and says I just test drove this.

What does that Mean?

Maple Motors

The person that is selling the car is actually implying that he’s the one who test drives the cars? Isn’t that a conflict of interest? The views should reflect the quality of service by actual customers. One of the things about Yelp that may benefit the customer is that many people, step in to write reviews that have very little to do with doing business with the company, they are more of a buffer to balance out the actual reviews that reflect the business that the company is doing.

I am saying that if you buy a car from here you’re taking a major risk to be disappointed. Because they look good, but they are not integrity test cars. Car dealerships seldomly stand behind their product, or have the money, the integrity, or the wherewithal to make sure that these cars are up to snuff. If you’re buying a classic car, you had better be patient, and wise about it. Because most of it  an inside job that cannot be guaranteed over an internet transaction not without a valid warranty, and one that back up by the satisfaction of a multiplicity of real customers that have purchase cars and possibly had problems that have been rectified by a company that stands behind schedule their product.

About :

Unlike many classic car dealers, we do not deliver cars to individuals and own all of our inventory. James Fite Sr. has been a muscle car enthusiast his whole life. He forgot more about these beautiful contraptions than most people know.

He’s had a lifetime of experience, from drag racing to selling new cars, and he believes in an “old school” way of doing business with a handshake. He has been in the car business for over 40 years in the Nashville area alone. He bought  in 1983 in hopes of turning it into a family business for himself and his children. Pops is the backbone of the family business and he is please to see his three children following in his footsteps.

Pops and his children have a very close relationship and are proud to be the best of friends. Maple Motors is located at 829 West Main Street in beautiful Hendersonville, Tennessee. We are just 20 minutes from Music City USA in Nashville, TN, where many of our clients and stars are discover. We also have a large collection of new and used. Wheels with a variety of high performance parts and aftermarket parts.

You won’t find trailer queens or 10-point show cars here, but a good, clean, quality driver’s car that has the potential to do more in the future if you want. We’re not trying to have the most expensive toys on the block, we just want to be reasonable and realistic in this expensive classic vehicle market. We rarely buy our vehicles at auctions or other dealerships, most of them directly from the public. About 90% of our vehicles come from local individuals or private collections.

Frequently Asked Questions about Maple Motors

How much revenue does Maple Motors generate?

Maple Motors

Maple Motors generates $8.1M in revenue

How much funding does Maple Motors have?

Maple Motors has historically raised $0 in funding

Where is Maple Motors’s headquarters?

Maple Motors’s headquarters is in Hendersonville Tennessee, USA

How many employees does Maple Motors have?

Maple Motors has 32 employees

Who are Maple Motors’s competitors?

Maple Motors’s top competitors are American Cars American Girls, Murfreesboro Hot Rod Club, Garrett’s Muscle Car Museum

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