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Marketing 101 – Customer-Building Basics and More

Marketing 101

Marketing 101

The world of business marketing 101 is not without its moon-promising charlatans if you would only put your trust in their secret techniques programs software for marketing and sales success.

Why Marketing 101?

How to Detect Bad Advice?

As business owners, we all need more customers, and the faster/easier/cheaper it is to acquire them, the better right?

So how do you spot the change between a fad or gimmick and a legitimate tried-and-true marketing practice?

What is Marketing?

The marketing isn’t just putting up a slick business website and to come for sales to come pouring in. There’s a bit extra to it.

Around crucial points to keep in mind about marketing:

When you’ve developed your products and priced them strategically, you need to work out distribution channels, i.e., how are you making your products available and accessible to customers?

The 7 Customer-Building Basics

Thus what is the fundamental basic process of fruitful marketing?

High-volume sales, customer acquisition, and general success results from:

Evaluate Your Marketing

If your business is presently struggling (or even if it’s doing well), review the definition of marketing and the basic marketing procedure to determine where you might improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

Ask yourself queries such as:

These additional questions will help you evaluate your strengths and areas where you can improve. After there, you can build a strategic plan for taking your marketing to the next level.

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