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Redmi Notification Tones: Put the Tone you Want for the Notifications


Notifications are the cornerstone of our mobile to know everything that happens in each application. For this reason, they are part of the personalization of our mobile, and something that users seek to change as soon as a new mobile falls into their hands or they get bored of the default tones. For this aim, we will look at how to customize Notification Tones on Redmi, and Xiaomi.

All the alerts that appear at the top of the mobile are considered notifications and may be related to system warnings or the multiple applications installed. The way to change the sound of notifications is done very simply on Xiaomi mobiles and is familiar to Redmi or Poco from the Chinese firm.

Change the Tone of Notifications

The notifications’ sound alerts us when a game needs to be updated, when the system has a new version or when an email has arrived. In addition, many applications, including messaging applications such as WhatsApp, warn us to beg for this type of notification. For this reason, many users choose to change the tone, and the way to do it on Xiaomi is straightforward.

To change the sound, we will have to enter the settings menu, tap on “Sound and vibration”, and tap on “Notifications”. When we are inside this menu, we will be able to select the sound that we like the most for all those Notification Tones that arrive on our terminal. We will find a selection of tones that we can change whenever we want, and we are bored with the current one.

Set our tone

But if none of the system Notification Tones convinces us, we can always select our sound from among those that we have stored on the mobile. We will have to click on the “All ringtones” option. Once inside. We can choose those sounds that we have previously downloaded

More changes in tones

In addition, within this same menu, we will see the access to change other tones, such as those referring to calls, alarms or events. As before, we can enter each of them to configure the techniques that the system offers us or manually change to a tone that we have stored on our mobile. However, to precisely modify the Notification Tones in specific applications such as WhatsApp, we will have to do it from the settings within the app itself.

Xiaomi Change Notification Ringtone

If we want to change the Notification sounds on the Xiaomi device. We can choose between nature sounds, chimes, xylophone sounds, or all the pre-installed ringtones. If we use dual SIM. We can set an individual ringtone for each SIM card by activating the “Dual SIM ringtones” function.

Note: In this guide, we turn on “Dual SIM ringtones” and choose an individual ringtone for one of the SIM cards. Other options are available.

So you can Customize the Ringtone of Your Xiaomi Phone

The personalization of our mobile device is one of the priorities that MIUI has, one of the layers of the Android territory that gives us more freedom in this sense with practically any section.  Android itself provides us with the possibility of being able to set a personalized ringtone on our device, something that, of course, MIUI itself also allows us to do.

Therefore, it is interesting that you know how you can set your personalized ringtone on your Xiaomi. Redmi or POCO phone to be able to differentiate when we receive a call, message or any other type of notification.

How to Set a Custom Ringtone on your Redmi, Xiaomi, or POCO Phone

Given the number of options and menus that we find in the settings integrated into phones with MIUI. It is interesting that you know how you can access the specific locations to customize the ringtone of your device.

From this option, we will have the possibility of establishing one of the ringtones that Xiaomi includes by default in its software. Still, when we choose a local ringtone. We will be able to access either the files generated from the recorder or other files saved in the device’s internal memory to establish the tone that we like the most.

How to Change the Sound of Notifications on your Xiaomi

Among the features that Xiaomi allows us in its MIUI customization layer. We find the possibility of changing the sound of reports. We no longer only talk about the sound of the most used applications, such as WhatsApp or Facebook, but also about the alarm or the calls.

Below, we will explain how to change the sound of your Xiaomi notifications. Deactivate the keyboard sound, and customize or change the sound of WhatsApp notifications whether you have a Xiaomi, a Redmi or a LITTLE.

Likewise, below we will see how to deactivate the screen lock sound of a Xiaomi, the screen capture sound. Or even how to change the alarm sound to wake up with your favourite song every morning.

To change the sound of notifications on a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO smartphone. We only have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Sound and vibration > Notifications
  2. Once inside. We only have to choose the sound that we like the most for the notifications that we receive in our Xiaomi.

With this, we can configure and customize the tone or sound of notifications. In addition. If we access “All ringtones”, we can choose from a wide variety of sounds, in addition to adding our sounds or songs that we have on our Xiaomi

Change the Ringtone on a Xiaomi

In addition to allowing us to change the ringtone, MIUI also enables us to modify the sound of incoming calls. To do this, we have to do the following:

  1. Go to Settings > Sound and vibration > Ringtone
  2. From this section. We can choose between several default call sounds or adjust a personalized sound, be it a song or another one added by Xiaomi.
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