Preservation Evoker Mythic+ Build Achieving victory in World of Warcraft isn’t just about dealing damage and killing enemies. All this would not be possible without the support courses. In this guide, we will attention on the newly implemented Evoker class and its Preservation version in particular. The latter is an excellent option if you prefer to play as a team but want to speciation healing and so in damage.

The recently released Drachthyr race is the only one that can play as an Evoker class. In addition to the Preservation talent tree, you have the Havoc talent tree, which is all about dealing with damage. Both specializations offer a variety of spells and mechanics unique to race and class. Speaking of the Preservation version, use the power of Green Dragonflights and Bronze Dragonflights to heal and save your allies from death. Forces from other Dragonflights (e.g., red or blue) are also available to you but are primarily use to deal damage.

With that out of the way, let’s get start right away. Evoker is a healing caster with a powerful burst of AOE healing and excellent situational utility. The basic rotation is relatively simple, but using your combos and spell synergies to their maximum effectiveness adds much depth to the class. His primary single-target heal is Living Flame, which doubles as his direct DPS button if used on enemies. However, it’s not super effective, so we want to combine it with other healing abilities. For example, Echo is an Evoker-exclusive ability to enhance our single-target healing. If you place it on an ally, the next healing spell you use will also double for it.

List of Mythic+ class levels. Here, we’ll cover all available class and role combinations and talk about their overall performance in Mythic+. This list shouldn’t decide which class you want to play or which style you want to see at your party. But remember, we always recommend playing around with the specs you like and enjoying the process.

Preservation Evoker Preview

We want to start our WoW Preservation Evoker guide with this class’s most prominent distinguishing feature. We are talking about the empowerment mechanism. This new feature allows you to strengthen certain spells to maximize their effects. You must hold down the keyboard or mouse button to load and activate by default. However, not all episodes can be enhanced. Focusing on the Preservation branch, you have the following options:

  • Dream Breath instantly restores more of the target’s HP. The effect increases with the level;
  • Spiritbloom restores the HP of various targets. The effect increases with the level;
  • Fire Breathstarts dealing a portion of damage instantly. The effect increases with the level.

At the same time, you have another unique ability mechanic in your class. Whichever Evoker specialization you choose, you will have Essence, the resource needed to cast certain spells. Some examples are Emerald Blossom, Echo, and Disintegrate. You only have five essence points from the start, and it takes 5 seconds to refill one. However, it is possible to increase the total number of issues up to 6 with Power Nexus. In addition to that, you can boost the recharge speed by learning the Innate Magic talent.

Since the Drachthyr race was introduced in Dragonflight and acts as the expansion’s specific race, all evokers will spawn in their own starting area, The Forbidden Reach. Additionally, you will be level 58 from the start, and you can choose Alliance or Horde. Previous updates applied the same mechanic to Death Knights and Demon Hunters.

When playing as a Preservation Evoker, you want to stay close to your allies. The reason for this is that the range of your spell is limited to 30 yards. This drawback takes some time, but you have enough mobility tools to neutralize it. In addition, all of your abilities scale with Intellect, your primary stat.

You can choose from various weapons, include swords, staves, axes, handguns, daggers, and maces. Adding a few words about the armor type that best suits this class is Mail. To further aid your allies, you have the Wing Buffet and Tail Swipe racial abilities to disable your enemies in a fight. They are compelling against melee enemies.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Preservation Evocator

Continuing our Preservation Evoker Dragonflight guide, it would be a good idea to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of this class.

Starting With The Pros, Go As Follows:

  1. Extremely useful in any team composition thanks to Rewind, Rescue, Hover, and Verdant Embrace abilities;
  2. Overwhelming mobility;
  3. Decent self-healing skills like Panacea help you survive the fight;
  4. Thanks to Mastery: Life-Binder, your healing increases if your target’s HP is lower than yours;
  5. Can deal significant damage while waiting for healing cooldowns to recharge.

Going further, we have the following downsides to discuss:

  1. As a healer, you fight with the spell’s range of 30 meters;
  2. Most of your healing abilities target multiple targets;
  3. Empowered skills take a long time to cast to max level;
  4. No immunity;
  5. Relatively low HP.

The last drawback can be partially neutralized using Obsidian Scales, Renewing Blaze, and Tempered Scales. They significantly increase your survivability.

If you want to unleash the full potential of your Preservation Evoker as soon as possible, you need to reach max level. To speed up this process, check out our Drago flight Leveling 60-70 services. Let our professional players do all the leveling work for you.

Preservation Evoker Basic Skills

Most of your cooldowns require proper positioning. However, they become compelling if used correctly and at the right time. Generally, you don’t need to rush to cast game-changing spells. Instead, save the most vital cooldowns for later and use group healing abilities to keep your allies alive. Below we prepared a list of WoW Preservation Evoker skills that will work great in any situation:

  • Dream Breath – Releases a green cone of power before you, healing up to 5 allies. Can be boosted to increase the healing effect;
  • Spirit Flower
  • Dream Breath – Releases a green cone of power before you, healing up to 5 allies. Can be boosted to increase the healing effect;
  • Spiritbloom: can be used to heal a single target or can be reinforced to heal multiple targets (up to 3 players);
  • Emerald Blossom – A group-oriented healing cooldown (up to 3 players) that works with a 2-second delay. The spell uses Essence instead of Mana;
  • Echo: not only heals a single target but also increases your next healing ability, allowing you to restore more HP;
  • Green Embrace: can be used to save an ally in a dangerous situation. It’s also a great mobility tool for changing your stance in a fight;
  • Inversion: allows you to solo heal a target over time with a chance to prolong the healing effect;
  • Living Flame – This is not yet your most vital ability and can be used to deal damage or heal an ally when other cooldowns are unavailable.

With so many healing spells, there’s more to Preservation Evoker’s value than simply restoring HP. There are also a host of utility skills to use in combat:

  • Temporary anomaly: Absorbs damage inflicted on 2 allies. As a bonus, the spell has a short cooldown;
  • Rescue: can be used to get your ally out of a desperate situation;
  • Zephyr – Applies a movement speed boost to nearby allies (up to 4 players) and causes them to take less AoE damage;
  • Fury of the Aspects: Gives your party and raid members a significant haste boost;
  • Cauterizing Flame: Removes all Bleeding, Poison, Curse, and Disease effects from an ally and heals them;
  • Time Spiral: resets the cooldown of particular movement abilities for you and your allies;
  • Bronze Blessing: Your allies’ movement abilities cool down 15% faster.

As a healer, you will be of great use to any team composition when clearing a dungeon. This activity in the game is your key to becoming more robust. However, you are highly dependent on other players in a party, as clearing a dungeon requires all party members to work together. If you’re struggling to find a reliable party but want the best loot, we’ve got you covered. By applying for our Mythic Carry services, you can get the rewards you deserve. Our professional players will clear a dungeon of any difficulty for you in the shortest possible time.

Recommended Statistical Priority

Getting the stats in the correct order is especially crucial when playing as a healer. The reason is that you want to maximize the healing done. To achieve this, you must choose the right secondary stat to focus on. Before we learn more about each secondary stat, we want to mention that Intellect is your primary stat. It means that you should prioritize it above anything else. You get the best boost from your team.

Preservation Summoner Mythic+ Rotation

Healing 5 people can be pretty tricky, especially for a newcomer to the class. To fully understand how the type plays, it is recommend to visit the rotation page before focusing on how it plays in Mythic+.

Preservation Evoker does not have flammable solid treatments that can be used when times get tough. Holy Priests can spam Heal, and Restoration Shaman can spam Chain Heal, but Evoker’s only similar button is Living Flame, which is relatively weak. To excel at preservation in Mythic+, it’s vital that you consider its many cooldowns and how you can rotate them for each damage event.

Spiritbloom and Dream Breath are powerful abilities with relatively short cooldowns that can heal your party fully. Since these abilities are empower, you should understand that you don’t need to channel them at their maximum range to get good value. You were casting Spirit bloom only when allies you need to heal quickly will make it a potent targeted heal. Using Dream Breath before max rank will give you a good HoT during idle time; otherwise, powering it up to its maximum range will give you a high initial heal. The degree to which you decide to boost will rest on the type of care you need: Upstream or as HoT.

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