Samsung 32-inch Curved Monitor Game Benchmark reviewed 855 models to find the best gaming monitor available on Amazon. We ignored some small and generic brands. We’ve filtered it down to show only the best gaming monitors available to buy right now – this Samsung gaming monitor is on our 2022 list.

Now is the time to buy a new PC gaming monitor. Many games are developed with great graphics. There are always Samsung deals and plenty of games to choose from. High-quality pictures are essential when gaming, and sometimes the gaming monitors that ship with PCs is pretty crap. You may also want to use a monitor in conjunction with a gaming laptop.

Image size, also known as viewable image size (VIS), is the physical size of the area where videos are displayed, not the monitor case itself. The size of a screen is the length of its diagonal, which is the distance between opposite corners, usually in inches. The screen size of this extra large monitor is 32 inches. Check out our monitor comparison page to see other monitors of this size in a wider price range.

As for all the important features, the maximum screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. It is a Samsung 1080p monitor.

This gaming monitor weighs in at 13.9lbs, which is important to know if you’re taking it to live events or college. The color of this monitor is bright white.

PCGameBenchmark ratings were created from Amazon community ratings to showcase the most important aspects of a PC gaming monitor. In color balance, this monitor scored 4.7/5, brightness 4.5/5, usability 4.3/5, gaming 4.2/5, image quality 4.2/5, and display quality 3.8/5. We combine these scores to create a percentage grade. It makes an overall score of 85%.

Samsung 32-inch Curved Monitor Specs

Samsung 32 inch Curved Monitor Review

Screen Size 32 inches (81 centimetres)
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p FHD)
Weight 13.9 lb (6.3 kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 72.42 cm x 24.77 cm x 52.2 cm
28.51 in x 9.75 in x 20.55 in
Brand Samsung
Series Samsung
Colour White glossy
Model Number LC32F391FWNXZA


Why We Love It: Samsung 32 Inch Curved Monitor

Samsung’s big, responsive 32-inch curved monitor has all the features you need in a standard monitor: good contrast, VESA mount, and modern graphics connectors.


With a contrast ratio of 5,000:1, Samsung’s 32-inch curved monitor is a step up from the average 3,000:1 balance. The white looks brighter while the black is darker. It just sculpts more without being dark grey. The refresh rate is your standard 60Hz displayed at 1080p. On a 32-inch monitor, this looks fine, but it’s starting to stretch the image. The ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD is 5 inches smaller but displays a good 1440p resolution.

But the cousin of this Samsung monitor is the beautifully curved 49-inch. Please find out more in our review of the Samsung CHG90 49-inch ultra-wide curved monitor.

Point of view

Since this is a curved monitor, you need to look directly at it. If you sit to the side, it defeats the purpose. However, it’s also a VA panel, meaning you won’t see a drop in image quality if it’s tilted one way or the other.


Hard and elegant plastic, but with an overall design. It can only tilt up and down, but it makes up for that with the VESA mount. The Dell Ultrasharp U2415 offers much more manoeuvrability before resorting to alternate support.

Ports and extensibility

Finding a monitor with both HDMI and DisplayPort these days can be a hassle, often resorting to one or the other. Fortunately, Samsung’s 32-inch curved monitor has both. The 5W speakers are fine, but nothing special. There is an audio jack to change them as soon as possible quickly.


With performance and design in mind, the Samsung 32-inch Curved Monitor is your go-to monitor with an eye-catching design. It may be a competent gaming monitor, but expanding your viewing area on a Mac Mini will do just fine. More importantly, it costs $245, which is a lot for its two graphics ports and size. But for gaming, the Asus TUF VG27AQ is better equipped.

Samsung 32 Inch Curved Monitor Wrap Up

It isn’t that the Samsung CF391 32-inch Curved Monitor is bad. It’s simply straightforward in its purpose: a 1080p monitor stretched on a 32-inch, curved screen. It’s nice to look at, has the right ports for any modern setup, and is priced perfectly. In other words: an ideal budget option for someone who doesn’t want any extra nonsense.

Samsung 32-inch Curved Monitor

Samsung 32 inch Curved Monitor Review

When looking for a Samsung 32-inch curved monitor, Best Buy customers often choose the following products.

Samsung curved monitor is the best of its kind. The screen is big and very bright, and the curvature makes it look even bigger. It has a fast response time, and the built-in menu system is easy to navigate. We also appreciate that it has two HDMI ports, making it possible to connect two computers or game consoles simultaneously.

Is a curved Samsung monitor worth it?

A curved monitor can be more comfortable on the eyes than a normal flat option. Again, these screens take advantage of the natural movements of your eye. So it will be easier to focus on things on the screen while reducing eyestrain risk.

About Samsung monitors

With their ultra-sleek designs, Samsung monitors will complement any space. Samsung curved monitors are equipped with superior features such as a wide viewing angle and excellent image quality. You can find monitors with 24- or 27-inch screens at BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Why curved monitors

A curved monitor offers an upgrade from your traditional flat monitor. Not only does it reduce eyestrain, but the Samsung 27-inch curved monitor also has less distortion. Samsung 32-inch curved monitors are affordable. We have a selection of Samsung monitors for every budget at BJ’s online.

Samsung curved monitor, 32 inches

Our Samsung 32-inch curved monitor options offer an enjoyable viewing experience. They have circular stands and modern styles. Features include eye saver mode, 4ms response time, and AMD FreeSync. The Samsung 32-inch Curved Monitor comes with a power cord, a quick setup guide, and an HDMI cable.

Samsung 27-inch curved monitor

With a contrast ratio of 3000:1, the Samsung 27-inch curved monitor offers an immersive experience and vibrant colors. Features include AMD FreeSync, a slim design, and a gaming mode. Samsung curved monitors are protected by a one-year warranty. Browse our selection of monitors to find the one that’s right for you.

Easy curbside pickup

We make it easy to get the right monitor to enhance your work or play experience. As a member, you can purchase a monitor online or in person. We offer free contactless curbside pickup services. You can get hold of your 32-inch Samsung curved monitor without leaving the car.

Affordable Samsung curved monitors are just a click away at BJ’s online. Sign up for our BJ Membership Club today to get exclusive product and service discounts. Our members save on gas, Samsung 27-inch curved monitors and more.

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