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Smart Technology Write For Us

Smart technology refers to the integration of computing and telecommunications technology with other technologies that previously lacked such capabilities. What makes a technology “intelligent” is its ability to communicate and collaborate with other connected technologies, and through this ability to enable automated or adaptive functions and remote access or operation from anywhere.

The idea is that intelligent technologies, when networked, can share information with each other or work together. In this way, smart technologies can be more energy efficient, more timely in the functions they perform, or more powerful when coordinated or shared. The entirety of smart technologies and their potential is often referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

How Does Smart Technology Work?

Smart technology relies on smart devices equipped with one or more sensors that provide data that they use to analyze and infer, draw conclusions from pre-programmed rules, consult with other smart devices and act accordingly act. To do this, they also need a certain amount of computing power, one or more actuators and communication options (such as Bluetooth or WLAN).

Some smart devices are also able to learn, using experience to improve performance, anticipate, reason, and reason about what to do next.

The sensors that smart devices can be equipped with can take all kinds of measurements – temperature, acceleration, radiation like light intensity, humidity, movement like heartbeat, pressure, etc. – so there really is no limit to the areas of application that can be used.

This combination of sensor data, interconnectivity, and learning gives smart devices a degree of autonomy—and that improves their performance compared to their non-smart counterparts.

An additional component, common in many smart devices, is an app that allows the user to control them with voice or a tap of a touchscreen. These apps are often linked to an external service provider. An example of such a service provider would be Amazon when using Amazon’s Echo Home Assistant devices, or Apple when using Siri on a HomePod.

When smart devices are grouped with other smart devices in a network, one also hears the term smart network or smart grid. These cooperating devices can examine the system status and any change in environmental parameters affecting the entire system and decide whether to act on it or not (e.g. demand is noticed somewhere in the power grid).

Examples of Smart Technology for individuals – Consumer IoT

The most common areas where a person encounters smart technology are at home or through wearable devices.

Home  Smart technology

Smart home technologies broadly fall into one of three categories: security, convenience, and entertainment. They encompass many aspects of home monitoring and control: access control (smart locks); detection of fire, gas and water leaks; temperature monitoring; Improved comfort and energy efficiency through control of lighting, heating and air conditioning; automated meter reading; automated conversation control.

Networked smart technology saves energy and makes your home safer, among other things. It catches water leaks before they become catastrophic. It makes it easy to clean the kitchen and the house. And it adjusts lighting and entertainment options to suit the mood.

A great example of smart home technology is thermostats like Google’s Nest. It is a WiFi-enabled electronic, programmable, self-learning thermostat that optimizes heating and cooling for homes and businesses to save energy.

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