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Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical purposes of human life, or as it is sometimes expressed, the manipulation and manipulation of the human environment.

The topic of technology is covered in a series of articles. For a general treatment, see technology, history, and Manual tools. For a definition of materials that are both an end and a means to manipulate the environment, see elastomers; And also, industrial ceramics; And also, industrial glass; metallurgy; mineral deposit; mineral processing; mining; the plastic.

For energy production, see energy conversion; coal mining, oil production, and Petroleum refining. For treatment of food production, see Agriculture, Its History; agricultural economics; beekeeping; beer; cereal cultivation; Coffee; commercial fishing; dairy farming; distilled alcohol; Food preservation; fruit growing; Agriculture; poultry farming; beverage; Tea; vegetable cultivation; came. For construction technology techniques, see bridge; building construction; inland canals and waterways; bombing; ports and maritime affairs; Lighthouse; roads and highways; tunnels and underground excavations; environmental issues. For the manufacture and design of vehicles, see aviation, automotive, and naval building. For the communication technology, see broadcasting; Computer science; computing; Photography; oppression; photoengraving; typography. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at

Science, engineering and technology

The difference between science, engineering and technology is not always clear. Science is the logical study or study of phenomena to discover permanent principles among the elements of the phenomenal world, using formal techniques such as the scientific method. Technologies are often not just scientific products because they must meet utility, ease of use, and security requirements.

Engineering is the development of designing and building tools and systems to exploit natural phenomena for practical human means, often (but not always) using the results and techniques of science. Therefore, development of technology can use many fields of knowledge, including scientific, engineering, mathematical, linguistic and historical knowledge, to achieve some practical results.

Role in human history

Therefore use of technology by the human race began with the conversion of natural resources into simple tools. The prehistoric discovery of the ability to control fire increased available food sources, and the invention of the wheel helped humans navigate and maintain their environment.

Recent technological advances, such as the printing press, the telephone, and the Internet, have lowered physical barriers to communication and allowed people to interact on a global rule. However, not all technology has been used for peaceful purposes; Therefore,  development of weapons of ever-increasing destructive power has progressed throughout history, from clubs to nuclear arms.

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