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Time Tracking Software Write For Us – And Submit Guest Post

time tracking software

Time Tracking Software Write For Us

Time tracking software tracks the total time employees spend on tasks and projects. This software captures employee time, hourly wages, and customer billing rates and uses this information to automate billing and payroll functions. For Submitting Your Articles,

The Benefits Of Time Tracking Software

  • EFFECTIVE TRACKING FOR FREELANCE AND REMOTE WORKERS: As organizations increasingly embrace a mobile workforce, this trend presents many tracking challenges. It’s frustrating to track the attendance and time of each freelancer or remote worker separately. Time tracking software captures employee attendance and hours worked and collates them on a dashboard for managers. Some time tracking tools also offer automatic screen recording, allowing users to monitor the total time spent on non-work activities by remote workers and freelancers.
  • EFFICIENT PAYROLL MANAGEMENT: Payroll is a time-consuming process. Payroll managers must coordinate with employees and their supervisors to collect a range of information, such as time sheets, hourly wages, vacation records, and overtime pay to calculate employee compensation. The time tracking tool records employee clock in and clock out times and provides users with reports on total working time and vacation taken. The software also considers other payroll factors such as salary differentials and employee bonuses.

Typical Features of Time Tracking Software

  • BILLABLE AND NON-BILLABLE HOURS: Track billable and non-billable hours associated with a project.
  • ONLINE TIME TRACKING: Track employee and task time using online apps that can be accessed and synced from a browser, mobile, or desktop.
  • AUTOMATIC TIME TRACKING: Record employee clock-in and clock-out times and calculate the number of hours worked. Users can also track time using biometrics and other electronic timing methods.
  • EMPLOYEE DATABASE: Store employee contact information and project status.
  • OVERTIME CALCULATION: Track and manage employee overtime.

Time Doctor – Great for keeping tabs on remote workers

Time Doctor offers extensive monitoring functions for employees who sit at the computer all day. It’s a full-service time trailer that you can use for employees and project management, but it stands out from the competition by giving managers insight into their employees’ work.

When employees download Time Doctor, they create tasks and start tracking time. Managers can see what tasks people are working on and get insight into mouse and keyboard activity.

You can also allow screenshots to be taken at random intervals to confirm people are staying on task.

Website and application monitoring is another useful facet of Time Doctor for users and managers. You can quickly create reports showing how much time each person spends on a website or app.

For managers, reports highlight unproductive behavior. With Time Doctor, you can set up automatic notifications when users spend too much time on problematic websites and apps, or block them all together.

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