Canada Computers & Electronics lands another spot on Forbes’ annual list of “Canada’s Best Employers” in 2022, following its recognition on the same list in January 2020. In partnership with market research company Statista, Forbes surveyed over 10,000 Canadians working for businesses with at least 500 employees. Among the 300 organizations on the list, Canada Computers & Electronics took the 254th spot as Canada’s most recommended and endorsed employer.

Amid challenging times, Canada Computers & Electronics continues to provide job opportunities to Canadians while cultivating a culture of inclusivity, fostering career development, and ensuring a safe work environment for its employees. The company’s growth is largely credited to its trusted service and mission to make a difference to the community—qualities that make Canada Computers & Electronics one of the most favored workplaces among many professionals.

Are Canada Computers Ready for Bankruptcy?

I have a new graphics card that I want to buy and the only seller that offers it is Canada Computers. But, I was VERY cautious about ordering online for several reasons:

1- They changed their return policy to LAST SALE. They say this is temporary due to Covid-19, but at the moment, I think this is for the foreseeable future!

2- There are so many complaints that they back up their online orders for weeks, and disappointed shoppers can’t reach customer service and have to resort to credit card chargebacks.

After a bit of excavation, I noticed some strange things. Things that stink of financial problems. They do not respond to any posts on social media. They appear to be advertising, but this is typical of companies in financial trouble because they want sales to continue, but they cut their customer service. Also, their store should be ready to reopen, but there’s nothing online. I so-call half a dozen stores in my area, and the call drops, or I get communication that voicemail is not set up. It is all very suspicious, but there may be remnants of those who have been reduce by closing their stores.

Canada Computers and electronics from

In 1991, Canada Computers & Electronics became a retailer of personal computers, IT and their components, and consumer electronics. Throughout its 30-year history, it continues to offer its customers the best value products for the best PC the retail world has.

Canadian Computers’ first location was in the heart of Kingston, Ontario, with a vision to provide college students with high-quality products at a student-affordable price. [Canada Computers] There was no better place to start than near Queens University at Kingston. Which seeks to serve the great minds of our future.

our growth

With a strong customer base and growing demand among students, professionals and families, Canada Computers & Electronics is an innovative force, with over 1,000 employees currently working in 40 stores across Canada.

The key to its achievement lies in the continuous improvement of business practices. As well as a passionate and knowledgeable team that goes beyond expectations while maintaining the trust of its clients.

Frequently asked questions

Who owns [Canada Computers]?

Gordon Chan

Gordon Chan – CEO – [Canada Computers]

Is [Canada computers] a Canadian company?

About Canada Computers: Canada Computers & Electronics is a privately owned and operated retailer of computers, computer parts, and consumer electronics.  Since 1991, the company has expanded from a single location in Kingston, Ontario, too many locations across.

Where is [Canada Computers] Inc’s headquarters?

[Canada Computers] Inc’s headquarters is located at 75 West Wilmot St Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 0B7 [Canada]

What is [Canada Computers] Inc’s industry?

[Canada Computers] Inc is in the industry of Professional and Commercial Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers

Who is [Canada Computers] Inc’s key principal?

[Canada Computers] Inc’s key principal is Gordon Chan

What is [Canada Computers] & Electronics’s tech stack?

The technologies that are used by Canada Computers & Electronics are: Google Ads, DoubleClick, StackAdapt, LiveRamp

What companies have [Canada Computers] & Electronics acquired?

Canada Computers & Electronics has acquired the companies: Ordinates Canada