Have you heard about edge AI? If you haven’t, it’s quite simple.

Edge AI is when artificial intelligence is implemented into an edge computing environment. Edge computing, as the name suggests, is when computing and storage resources are brought to the “edge” of the user. In other words, the resources are on-site.

For example, AI computations are done at the “edge” of the network, typically on the device where the data is being created, such as a self-driving car. This eliminates the need for off-site cloud computing, where data has to travel long distances over an internet connection.

Where Can You Buy Edge AI Solutions?

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What are the Benefits of Edge AI?

Aside from the obvious benefit of reducing your reliance on cloud networks, edge AI comes with a whole range of impressive benefits. Here are just some of the best ones:

  • Increased automation: Devices and machines at the “edge” can be trained to complete autonomous tasks. This is something that will be demonstrated through self-driving cars over the coming decade
  • Real-time decisions: Data can be collected much faster than before, enabling real-time (and automated) decisions to be made
  • Better Security and Privacy: Edge AI keeps businesses safe and secure by storing all of the data locally instead of transferring all of it to the cloud. Instead, only the analysis and insights are uploaded to the cloud

According to Fortune Business Insights, the edge AI market value is currently worth $11.98 billion. By 2029, it’ll be worth $107.47 billion, which shows that the edge AI industry is on the verge of exploding.

In the next section, you can read some interesting use cases of Edge AI to further grow your knowledge on the topic.

Use Cases of Edge AI

Edge AI is currently used across many different industries.

One of the main industries where edge AI is used is manufacturing. Here, edge AI devices and sensors collect huge amounts of data before analyzing it instantly. This allows manufacturers to gain interesting insights and add maintenance protocols where needed.

There’s healthcare, too. If you’ve ever had a serious accident or operation which has led to you spending time in the hospital, you’ve likely encountered edge AI technology before. Edge AI applications allow patients to be monitored locally rather than relying on the cloud. As a result, doctors and nurses get real-time updates and insight into the condition of their patients.

Next, home security. If you live in a house or apartment, you might have installed edge AI devices to keep your home safe, such as edge AI surveillance cameras. Traditional surveillance cameras only record footage that can be viewed after, whereas edge AI surveillance cameras are trained to detect people and intruders right away and notify the homeowner. They can also do other impressive things, such as set off alarms to deter away potential criminals.


Edge AI is changing business and human life forever. If you’re a business owner, you can definitely benefit from edge AI and save a lot of money along the way.