The language in video games is programmed as an essential element to ensure fluid gaming knowledge. When we play a video game, we look at the graphic part, at its art, because it is most spectacular, but behind that aesthetic, there is an arduous programming work that allows its operation. Today we present some of the best programming languages for you to create exciting video games of the highest quality. Don’t miss it!

Which programming language to use?

  • C++
  • C Sharp
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Lua
  • Conclusion

Which Programming Language to Use?

There are different programming languages depending on the type of video game you want to develop. Depending on the degree of device used to play and the speed of response we want to achieve, we must choose one. In addition, we can use several languages if the degree of complexity of the design is high so that all layers of the game work properly. Below we explain some of the most used video game programming languages for different levels and uses.


This software programming language is one of the most used in the sector by professionals. It is a popular language in AAA titles, used in video games for PlayStation and Xbox, and standalone games. It is the most compatible language with most game engines and has a reasonably fast runtime. On the other hand, it allows developers to have broad control over hardware, memory management, and graphics. Although it can be complex to use at first, once you get done with it, you can handle any other language.

C Sharp

C# is a prevalent programming language, especially in Windows environments. It is a little less flexible and compatible than C++, but some engines, such as Unity, allow programming and are not limited to a particular operating system or platform; games can be created for iOS, Android, Windows Play Station, and Xbox. It is an easy language to learn than C++ and will be a good option just starting out or if you want more people to enjoy it, regardless of the device.


It is a frequently use language and has many similarities with C++. Its main feature is versatility since it can be used on all platforms. It has a large number of frameworks for 3D development. It offers open-source modules, and its model can be constantly update. The problem? It runs inside your virtual machine, resulting in a loss of performance.


One of the most used languages in developing web and browser video games. Most video game engines support JavaScript, and it has multiple 3D frameworks and a variety of libraries. In addition, some video game engines, such as Unity, use it, so we can use it to create all kinds of scripts within the game.


Despite not being an exclusive programming language for creating video games, Python is a very flexible and powerful language for this. Its execution is much simpler than that of other languages (it allows complex ideas to be capture with a few lines of code). Its Pygame framework will enable developers to create prototypes of their video games quickly and easily and works on practically all platforms and operating systems.


Finally, Lua is a simple programming language, fast and easy to learn. It is compatible with more complex and fast-running languages and is also use for web applications and image processing. This language is beneficial for freelance projects and programmers just starting in the profession.


There are many programming languages for video games, not only those we have discussed here but also many others, some specific to each platform or operating system (Swift, Objective-C), which have excellent functionalities. We recommend that you choose the language that best suits the type of project you want to create, in combination with your preferences and experience as a programmer.

Did you know these languages? Which ones do you use? If you have any comments to contribute, we will be happy to hear them. Please share this article or tell us on social networks. Together we create knowledge.