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Bitcoin has been on a wild ride over the past few years. Five years ago, a single Bitcoin was worth around $1,000. In 2021, that value skyrocketed to almost $70,000. It has fluctuated a lot since then, but few other assets have seen such appreciation  and gyration as the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

But how? If you’re new to Bitcoin, it may seem like there’s no clear starting point. Your brokerage may not offer you the option yet. And also, We can bring you up to speed.

Cryptocurrencies are challenging to understand, so don’t be embarrassed if you’re wondering. The Harris Poll recently found that 61% of people who had heard of cryptocurrencies still had little or no understanding of how they work.

It doesn’t help that the internet is littered with often contradictory, difficult-to-verify information. Whenever Dan Herron typed “how to invest in Bitcoin” into Google, he got “10 million sources and no authority.”

Then he found Coinbase Inc. The digital currency exchange the largest in the U.S. and most commonly used in the U.K.  increasingly represents the mainstream route for individual investors to buy Bitcoin in many countries.

The bourse went public in April 2021. Coinbase’s direct listing was a sign that crypto had made the investing mainstream. After all, it would be a public company, subject to the intense regulatory and reporting scrutiny of established large firms.

Bitcoin’s price has tumbled since that time, as has Coinbase’s share price. And it’s not the only game in town. Other significant exchanges include Kraken, Bittrex and Binance, the world’s largest spot crypto exchange by trading volume. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at contact@

The case for Bitcoin as a longer-Term investment

Some, including Herron, see Bitcoin as part of a broader investment strategy, particularly for younger investors with a time horizon of 25 to 30 years and a penchant for digital finance.

Therefore, He wouldn’t recommend anybody rush to put their emergency savings in the cryptocurrency. But he does see it as part of an overall mix that might “juice your returns a little bit.”

“You might consider it if you can maybe put 5% of your portfolio in there and just let it ride and see what happens,” he said.

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