How To Fight Manhwa Chapter 135 was one of the most awaited outings of this week. However, the latest notification has made it clear that weeks is not the domain that should be counted. That is right. The Viral Hit manga is already on a long hiatus, and the break would last more than a week or two. So, what did the announcement tell us? How long will the suspension last? Here is everything you want to know about the newest chapter.

The last week’s chapter of Viral Hit brought the worst of Jin-ho to the limelight. It was seen that he was ready to challenge not only his boss but also the other gangs in the town. Thus, the consequences of such actions will also be projected in the next outing.

How To Fight Chapter 135: Manhwa On Break!

How to Fight Manhwa

It is pretty challenging to get access to direct information from Korean sources. But the translators have clarified that the next release will not be coming to the screens anytime soon. The news of the delay was all around through the different translation pages. So, it was clarified that How To Fight Chapter 135 would not be coming to the screens before a month. Keep reading further to find out the final release date of the chapter.

What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming storyline of Viral Hit will deal with a past sequence. The previous storyline showed that the detective had personally come to meet Jin-Ho. He brought up the topic of his parents on purpose. The man wanted to know about the time when the boy killed his parents out of anger. How To Fight Chapter 135 will be a flashback sequence. Jin-Ho climbed up the ranks too fast, making everyone question his identity.

After coming out of jail multiple times, he has been on the target list of detectives and agents. Thus, they are looking for good reasons to put him back behind the cells. The next chapter of Viral Hit will also deal with Jin-Ho trying to come in contact with the gang leaders to challenge them to a fight.

How To Fight Chapter 135: Release Date

How to Fight Manhwa

It would take a lot of patience from the viewers’ side to endure the break coming their way. So, How To Fight Chapter 135 is not up for a release anytime soon before a month. The chapter will release five weeks from the time of writing, and the release date is July 7, 2022. Fans can catch all the Manga branches only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. Thus, keep an eye on this page for all the updates.

Top 8 Manhwa Similar to How To Fight

How To Fight Webtoon about Yoo Hoobin is a pitiful student who is often bullied by “friends” who feel superior to him. He didn’t do anything against it and let it happen. He thought life was already too hard. But then he accidentally uploaded an old video of himself on Youtube. The video went viral, making him instantly famous. He even made real money from it. Can you create great content by learning how to fight Manhwa?

If you have read enough Manga and want to find How To Fight Manhwa similar or want to check out some good webtoons, this is the article for you. Here is a list of the best Manhwa (Korean Webtoon) series for your reference. This list includes webtoon sets from genres like action, romance, and drama.

Here are The Top 8 Manhwa Similar to How To Fight :

How to Fight Manhwa


Lookism is about Park Hyung Suk, who struggles to manage his two bodies. As overweight and unattractive loner, he has to cope with a humiliating daily life at the hands of bullies at his school. As a result of miracles in his life, he has two bodies: an unattractive body and a dashing, attractive body. He must manage appropriately so that no one knows about his secret. He chooses to spend his school days with his beautiful body and work the night shift at a convenience store with a less attractive body. With his new good looks, he gains popularity at school, making it increasingly difficult to prevent people from knowing the truth about him. The struggle is real!

Dr Frost

How to Fight Manhwa

Dr Frost is a genius psychologist. With psychology, Frost tries to understand how people feel emotions and the underlying reasons for their behaviour. With the help of his assistant Yoon Sung-ah, Dr Frost runs a counselling centre to guide his patients. While some of the psychological concepts are exaggerated, on the contrary, the series does a great job of entertaining the reader. Dr Frost’s prowess with humans will melt your heart.


What if you could start your life over with a different setting, like a game? His classmates always bully Dong Tae. But Tae Bin, sitting right next to him, was handsome and popular at school. One day Tae Bin suggested Dong Tae play a little game. To what extent will this game variation his life? Dice tells the story of Dong Tae trying to improve his life, but things quickly get complicated as mysterious power falls into the hands of more people.

The God of High School

How to Fight Manhwa

High school student Mori Jin loves a challenge. Trained in Tae Kwon Do, he aspires to participate in the God of High School competition to prove himself the best fighter among all the high school students in Korea. Country. There he meets some strong opponents and different styles of martial arts. He also begins to make friends and make enemies as the story progresses. He also soon learns that there is something far greater beneath the tournament stage.

Tower of God

Welcome to the Tower of God, where any dream can be fulfilled. Thousands of people desire power, wealth, revenge, etc., making a sincere effort to climb the Tower. A whole world in the Tower itself has about 135 grounds. Each floor has a test, and the tests get harder when climbing a higher floor. People regularly try climbing the Tower and need to become a Ranker to achieve what is in their hearts. The fantasy adventure film tells the story of Baam, a young boy who entered the Tower of God as an anomaly. Unlike the others, he wants to climb the Tower to find his friend Rachel. She entered this Tower before you, so you must catch up with her to see her again.


Rai wakes up from a long 820-year slumber and enters a world far different from the one he knew. Intending to acquire the skills and knowledge to live his life, he joins the high school established by his loyal servant, Frankenstein. As he makes friends and wishes for a peaceful life, weird things start to happen. The human students are being targeted by mysterious attackers known as “Unions”. The series tells the story of Rai and his friends on a dangerous adventure against this secret group while uncovering Rai’s past.


What happens when your father is a serial killer and you are his unwilling accomplice. Seon Jin was caught up in that miserable life. At school, he was bullied because of his quiet nature and weak appearance. And at home, he must face the horrors of his father’s existence. His father was an exceptionally successful man in society, but the truth is that only he knew was that he was a deranged serial killer. The murders have been going on for years, but when his father takes an interest in the beautiful transfer student Yoon Kyun, Jin must decide – to be the coward to put her on the gallows like all the rest. Or the bastard son of his wicked father.

Solo Leveling

Webtoon follows the story of an E-Rank Tracker, Sung Jin-Woo. When a mysterious “Gateway” appears to connect the real world with the monster world, some ordinary people begin to receive the power to hunt down monsters. They were called Hunters, and not all of them were equally skilled. With no skills, Sung Jin-Woo tries to find strength by exploring a hidden dungeon with the hardest difficulty of any D-rank dungeon. Wholly defeated by the monsters there, he begins to accept his inevitable death; He suddenly gains a strange power to be the only one who sees the quest log. With this new-found power, Sung Jin-Woo begins his journey from the weakest Hunter to the most muscular S-rank Hunter!


I hope this list is helpful to you. Let us know if you like any of the Manhwa sets. And suggest a name you think deserves to be on this list. How to Fight Manhwa, Read the latest Chapters of How to Fight Manga Online free in English With High Quality.

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