There are many programs for video editing, and which one to choose is a controversial question. One is actively advised by professionals in the film industry, the other is praised by bloggers, and the third is free and is included in the pre-installed software package on your computer. What is the best way to edit in 2022?

Movavi Video Suite

If you’re just starting out, Movavi Video Suite can be your ticket to the profession because it’s as easy to use as gambling at You won’t find any advanced features like complex graphic effects and advanced color correction here. The main advantage of Movavi isn’t in its functionality, but in its simplicity and accessibility.

The intuitive interface with big buttons and easy-to-follow controls keeps your grandmother from getting lost in the program. Moreover, there’s a whole series of tutorials for beginners that will help you get oriented at first. In just half an hour, you will learn the simplest trimming and pasting techniques and be able to edit your first video clip!


Stable and reliable open source video editor that can be downloaded absolutely free. OpenShot is a kind of folk program. For a professional filmmaker the tools here will not be enough, but for an amateur filmmaker, video blogger, or just an enthusiastic editor, it’s great!

You can cut and merge source videos, adjust keyframes, add simple 3D effects and even mix audio. The program supports many popular audio and video formats, and a user guide will help you make sense of them.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is difficult to advise newcomers, because it can be difficult to navigate in a lot of tools. But it’s an excellent choice for those who are already familiar with the basics of video editing and want to expand their arsenal of editorial techniques and move on to professional editing.

Even the free version offers impressive opportunities for color correction, complex editing joints, and audio mixing. And all of this can be done with friends or colleagues: the program supports collaborative work on the project. The interface here is unified – with timelines and video previews. Once you’ve used the program you can easily apply your skills to other popular professional video editors.


A multiplatform free open-source video editor. At first glance, it doesn’t amaze you with its features. Standard set of tools for editing, standard set of simple graphical effects, standard interface that takes some getting used to… But don’t be fooled! Shotcut isn’t all that standard.

It belongs to the category of those programs that handle most tasks just fine, and with a single task – amazing. And in this case we are talking about color correction. From fine-tuning color and shading to color filters and advanced compositing effects, this program will satisfy the needs of any editor. If you’re already a semi-professional who cares especially about color correction, this is also a great video editor for you.

VSDC Video Editor

If you’ve been looking for a free editor that can handle even the most advanced video solutions, this is your stop. In addition to traditional editing, audio and color tools, VSDC Video Editor handles 360-degree panoramic videos and even 3D video! You can choose from over 70 built-in video effects. At the same time, despite the powerful software, the editor is not too difficult to master. Basic tasks like picture stabilization and adding titles or filters are done in a couple of clicks.

VN Video Editor

One of the best free video editors that works on computers and mobile devices on Android and iOS. And you can edit in one project from multiple devices: start at home, and continue on the road – from a tablet or smartphone. Elementary and easy to learn interface of VN Video Editor will make even a newcomer fall in love with the program.

The arsenal includes 4 styles of transition between video clips and more than 20 video filters. The editor is easy to create titles and adjust the basic audio tracks. Advanced features like precise color correction and 3D effects are missing here, but the functionality is enough to create colorful videos and impress your friends on social networks.


Another program that is actively used in Hollywood, but which at the same time can be downloaded for free by any enthusiast.

Lightworks is the best choice for those who want to leave behind the label of amateur filmmaker and dream of a professional career connected with video editing. You won’t find such a rich set of tools for fine-tuning video tracks, audio tracks, and color grading in any other free program. And even the free version of the utility supports such newfangled features as non-linear editing.

However, there are several serious disadvantages. First, Lightworks has fairly high system requirements and to work comfortably in the program will need a rather weak computer. Secondly, the program does not have a user-friendly interface: beginners do not enter! And thirdly, the free version of the program the output video resolution is limited to 720p – not enough by today’s standards!


A good multi platform editing tool in which you can mount video on your computer and on mobile gadgets. VideoPad will especially delight both novice and professional video bloggers as it supports the most popular tools in this area, such as colorful filters and transitions between scenes. VideoPad is a great program not only for capturing video from your webcam and desktop but also for uploading it directly to YouTube and social networks. Among the other advantages of VideoPad are easy to learn and tidy interface.

The main disadvantage of the editor is fastidiousness in the matter of file extensions. For example, it will accept .mp4 and .avi without problems, but when you try to upload video in the .mkv format, the program will start complaining and demanding to convert the file.