Upskilling managers An essential for team building and learning, VR-based training has proven to be highly effective in exploring an immersive future of upskilling. A great manager emanates confidence, handles crises with effective communication skills, knows how to handle pressure, motivates the team, and helps them engage with customers.

Today, numerous companies promote managers based on their ‘hard skills’ rather than their soft skills. Many of the chosen managers lack experience in certain areas of communication and managerial skills. And this is where companies need to get creative and train them in effective ways. Enter VR.

The need?

It is important to fine-tune the qualities managers lack with empathy. And thus, virtual reality is the perfect method to eliminate any nervousness that could hinder the learning process. It alters the manager’s state-of-mind and ensures quality training. Not only does it ultimately become easier for managers to take in feedback, but allows them to scale higher in terms of skills.

Most companies have started investing in virtual reality training sessions to help managers become more productive and manage teams more efficiently.

Immersive learning in an engaging no-contact environment.

The switch to VR-based training has made life much simpler for managers. All they have to do is put on a headset and react to the simulated reality without feeling the pressure of a real-life scenario. It is simple to train and test their skills in a highly engaging and safe environment. They even get to revisit their sessions and rectify what could be better.

Repetition of mistakes coupled with immediate feedback allows the user to immerse and learn with nuance, with no fear of judgement or a slip-up.

Empathy-training and workforce reductions

When a consumer is angry, they want to see the manager. De-escalating and neutralizing a situation is the mark of a well-trained manager.

Additionally, having difficult conversations with the team is something every manager struggles with at some point. The transition from colleague to boss is unnerving for some managers who don’t know how to handle their workforce. Delivering bad news is something they dread. VR-conversations can help reduce the mental and emotional toil they go through while making contact and delivering the news in a real-life scenario.