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WWW Nirmala com In the latest episode of Vanambadi, Madhavan sees Anu and gives him sweets. Seeing Nirmala upset, Madhavan asks the reason for her sadness. Nirmala cries and tells him that he has been beating everyone for a long time. So Nirmala tells him she will make it known soon and asks him to meet her outside the house.

Nirmala and Kalyani are waiting for Madhavan in a secluded place, and Madhavan arrives there. He tells them that it was difficult for him to leave Sreemangalam as Anu wanted to go with him.

Nirmala tells Madhavan that Kalyani is Anu’s aunty and her original name is Bhadra. WWW Nirmala com Madhavan asks if she was the one who tortured Anu. Kalyani says she now regrets treating Anu and Nandini badly.

Talking about Nandini, Nirmala confesses that she (Nandini) was Mohan’s love interest and Anu is his daughter. Madhavan is devastated to hear this. He evaluates Nirmala for revealing this. Nirmala replies that she feared that Padmini might kill Anu after learning the truth.

Later, Kalyani asks Madhavan to convince Anu to stop Mohan’s search for Anu’s father. Nirmala also adds that she cannot live without Anu.

In Sreemangalam, Anu and Amma await the return of the trio. Meanwhile, Mohan comes home, and Anu informs him about Madhavan’s arrival. Mohan is surprised by an unexpected visit from Madhavan.

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Malayalam series leading barc top charts every week

WWW Nirmala com Mr. at 9:00 p.m. today, and old episodes of the show are available on the Hotstar app. Millions of people are using this mobile platform. www Nirmala com Malayalam series Are you looking for the top rated Malayalam show? The answer is vaanampady, and it now airs at 8:00 p.m. Released on January 30, 2017, and opened to positive reviews, dealing with a theme song. Potol Kumar ganna whale (Bengla) is the original show, later remade in many Indian languages. Koyilamma is the Telugu version (Maa TV). Mouna Ragam is the Tamil version of Star Vijay.

  • Asianet announced the launch of a new series called mounaragam (no link with the Vijay series of the same title), which will be released very soon.
  • Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 will take place very soon with Mohanlal as host. The channel promises many changes with the latest edition.

Asianet series journey

Vanambadi – Highest rated Malayalam channel show with 17.2 points in week 47 of barc.

Neelakuyil: 14 is trp value in latest Kerala rating reports

Kasthooriman – Another popular Asian series that does good numbers, 11.3

Seethakalyanam – 10.9

sabarimala swami ayyapan – 6.3

Pournami Thought – 5.5

Kerala Samajam – 1

  • WWW Nirmala com Asianet has acquired the satellite rights to Malayalam film Helen, starring Anna Ben, Lal, Noble Babu Thomas, Aju Varghese, Rony David, and more. in leading roles.


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  • Sathanam serial 14 August 2021 episode | Asianet serial

vadamalli. com santhwanam today Episode

If you want to know when a particular episode of the Malayalam serial Santhwanam will air on television, then you should know where to find it. There are several websites where you can watch serials online in the Malayalam language. Some of them include thiramala.com, kuthira.com, vadamalli. com, ddmalar website, and more. www.serialdays.com santhwanam today

Luckily, there’s a way to watch this popular Indian television show for free. To watch this popular Malayalam show, all you have to do is log on to www.serialdays.com santhwanam today and find the episode that you’re looking for. This method isn’t available on all devices, though, but it will work for most computers and smartphones.

www Nirmala com serial Malayalam Serial Kalyani On Mazhavil Manorama

About Malayalam Tv Serial Nirmalyam – Cast & Crew

  • Sajan Surya. Sajan Surya is a very popular Malayalam serial actor, often referred to as the Superstar in Malayalam serials.
  • Souparnika Subhash. Souparnika Subhash’s original name was Souparnika Vijay.
  • Maneesh Krishnan.
  • Prabha Shankar.
  • Jayaraj Vijay.
  • Sreenath
  • Sreeja Chandran.

Sajan Surya

Sajan Surya

Sajan Surya is a very popular WWW Nirmala com Malayalam serial actor who is often known as the superstar of Malayalam soap operas. He won Best Actor at the Asianet Television Awards for two consecutive years in 2012 and 2013.

His team “Kumkumapovu” is winner of Asianet Munch Stars in 2013. Sajan has shown interest in acting since childhood. While studying, Sajan and his close friends founded a theater group. The company performed on numerous stages for four years, but had to close due to the financial crisis.

Souparnika Subhash

Souparnika Subhash

The original name of Souparnika Subhash was Souparnika Vijay. Born on April 17, 1989, she is an actress who has worked in television and film. She is best known for her work in the Malayalam industry. WWW Nirmala com While still at school, he showed great talent in acting and singing competitions and won numerous prizes for his achievements. She is from Kozhikode, Kerala and her parents, Vijaykumar and Mini Vijaykumar were theater artists.

Maneesh krishnan

Maneesh krishnan

Maneesh Krishnan is a Malayalam series and television film actor. Her late father is known in Malayalis for his daily appearance as “Hajiar” (Haji) in the popular satirical post-news “Munshi” on Asianet TV. His mother Vanuja is a former bank teller who now lives with him in Trivandrum. He has a younger brother in Kasargode who works with the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB). The famous musician Ramesh Narayan, also known as the only Hindustani musician in Kerala, is his uncle. His first breakthrough series was Mathriboomi TV’s Maunam, directed by Shibu.

Prabha Shankar

Prabha Shankar is a Malayalam television actor best known for shows such as Velankalli Mathavu, Pookkalam Varavayi and Nirmalyam. He has also been part of TV series such as Valkannadi, Neelakkuyil and Aarpoo Erro. Pookkalam Varavayi is a WWW Nirmala com Malayalam television series that premiered on Zee Keralam in 2019. The show stars Mridula Vijay and Arun G. Raghavan in the lead roles. The series is considered a reboot of the Telugu series Varundhini Parinayam.

Jayaraj Vijay

Jayaraj Vijay

Jayaraj Vijay is a Malayalam filmmaker. He was born on May 31, 1960 in Ernakulum, Kerala. Vijay began his career as a screenwriter for the unreleased film Priyam Priyankaram. He also acted as an assistant director for the same. Vijay also wrote the popular TV show Detective Anand. WWW Nirmala com Oppol, Sasneham, Indira, Kaanakkinavu mIndra neelum, Pokkuveyil are some of the series he has written. In 2016, Vijay won the Kerala State Best Screenplay Award for Pokkuveyil.



Sreenath was a talented actor who starred in many Malayalam films and series and some Tamil films. He entered the Malayalam industry through the film Shaalini Duck Kootukaari. He appeared as a solo hero and joined all major Malayalam heroes and planted his success. One of his most notable films is Ithu Njangalude Katha. While filming this film he fell in love with his co-star Shanthi Krishna who is also a famous actress in Tamil and Malayalam films.

Sreeja Chandran

Sreeja Chandran is an Indian television actress who rose to fame after starring in the Tamil drama series Saravanan Meenatchi on STAR Vijay. He plays the role of Meenakshi alongside Saravanan (played by Mirchi Senthil). The story is about the love and marriage of the two main characters. Her family arranged their traditional marriage, but it was postponed due to the hatred that arose between Saravanan’s family and Meenakshi. The series received five awards at the 43rd Annual Mylapore Academy Awards, including Best Actress for Sreeja. She also received the Favorite Female Actress Award Aw

High Trp Serials Malayalam

1 Santhwanam
2 Kudumbavilakku
3 Ammayariyathe
4 Mounaragam
5 Koodevide

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