Good Gamer Keyboard Plan. Looking for an excellent gaming keyboard? That’s a good thing since Logitech’s G915 is currently available.


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A good gaming PC is good, but accompanying it with good peripherals is better! Gaming keyboards are numerous, and not all are equal! If you are looking for some of the best manufacturers in the field, it is worth turning to recognized brands like Razer or Logitech. Check out the best promotions currently available on gaming keyboards, like the excellent G915 TKL from Logitech.

Logitech G915 TKL Lightspeed PC Keyboard – GL Touch – Carbo

Released in mid-2020, Logitech’s G915 has quickly established itself as a benchmark in its field. Despite its relatively high price, it benefits from many qualities such as a Lightspeed technology, much more responsive than Bluetooth, a fully customizable backlight, very advanced key programming and autonomy of nearly 100 hours depending on your uses. An excellent reference at a reduced price.

Corsair K100 (OPX)

Among the best references for mechanical gaming keyboards, we find the Corsair K100. Available since the end of 2020, the latter is not given but sometimes benefits from friendly promotional offers. This high-end keyboard has responsive optical-mechanical switches that allow you to transcribe your actions during your game games. The Corsair K100 has a leather wrist rest, so you can enjoy it for hours without being disturbed. It also has customizable keys and lighting and is compatible with an Elgato stream deck if you’re a budding streamer!

If you do not have such a budget, do not panic. There are always other more affordable solutions, such as the G512 keyboard from Logitech, generally available for around a hundred euros. The latter has a classy aluminum alloy, customizable RGB lighting and LIGHTSYNC technology to synchronize your colors according to your games. We will only regret the absence of a wheel and buttons dedicated to the control of the music.

G213 Prodigy Gaming keyboard

Do you want to provide yourself with an excellent gaming keyboard without any means? This is quite possible! You could well crack, for example, on the G213 Prodigy from Logitech, generally accessible for around 50 euros. The latter focuses on the essentials by providing a practical wrist rest and RGB key lighting customizable and compatible with LIGHTSYNC technology. You will also be able to directly control your music using keys dedicated to the volume and navigation of your songs.

Logitech G Pro LOL K/DA

Do you have a little more budget and want a stylish keyboard? Better yet, are you a fan of League of Legends? The Logitech G PRO (K/DA edition) is still available for a hundred euros with a sublime design in the colors of the champions of the League of Legends game. It’s also backlit and compatible with LIGHTSYNC technology to customize your experience further. A beautiful reference is sometimes available in promotion on Amazon.

ROCCAT Pyro (Switch TTC Red)

You might fall for the Roccat Pyro for a slightly tighter budget. The latter, generally available for around 60 euros, has a system of backlit keys of the most beautiful effect on a fragile aluminum plate. Its included wrist rest is entirely removable to be easily transported. It should be noted that its mechanical switches are not the quietest if you are sensitive to noise.

Cooler Master SK622 (TTC Red Switches)

For those who want to provide themselves with a wireless gaming keyboard at a lower cost, the Cooler Master SK622 is regularly available around 130 euros. Thanks to its cable, the latter is equipped with mechanical switches and RGB lighting—both Bluetooth and wired. You can enjoy it on a PC and a Mac or a compatible smartphone!

The G-Lab Combo Tungsten

Do you have a tiny budget and still want to enjoy a wireless gaming keyboard? The G-Lab brand has its backlit keyboard in a pack with a gaming mouse included for only about 50 euros! A real deal for those who do not want to break the bank! Be careful, however, since this keyboard remains quite essential in its functions. You can still enjoy it for a long time thanks to its 30 hours of autonomy on average and much more if you do not use the lighting.

Orion Spectrum G910 Gaming Keyboard

The G910 keyboard is Logitech is quite classic if we compare it to other gaming keyboards. It will do the job of transcribing your actions during a game with its high responsiveness due to its Romer-G type mechanical switches. You can even customize your new equipment thanks to an RGB lighting system that can be modified entirely according to your desires! Similarly, the G910 has six fully programmable buttons according to your gaming needs. A very nice keyboard, currently on sale at several retailers.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed Keyboard

If the budget is high and you can provide yourself with the ultimate gaming keyboard, we can only recommend the acquisition of the G915. This product, which has become a reference in its field, is available in two colours (black and white). It has a 100% customizable backlight and keys from which you can assign various functions in addition to buttons to control your music and volume. The G915 also has three use methods: wired, Bluetooth and Lightspeed. You can easily handle and transport it thanks to its minimal weight of 810 g and its thickness of 2.2 Cm.

Razer Cynosa v2

Razer is a reference in terms of keyboards designed for gamers. Their keyboards are easily recognizable by their screaming colours and design, typical of this product’s expected. If you want to equip yourself with a keyboard from Razer, these are accessible for about sixty euros with the Cynosa V2, which has all the essential features expected. However, we regret the absence of a wrist rest that can relieve your little hands when you are in the game.

Razer Ornata v2

For a more enjoyable experience without breaking the bank, you might look at the Razer Ornata V2. The latter has backlit keys and buttons dedicated to controlling your music and the volume of your computer. The icing on the cake: this keyboard comes with a wrist rest! All in a product available for less than 100 euros and sometimes on Sale.


Is your budget even higher? Why not get one of the best gaming keyboard experiences with the Black Widows V3 from Razer. The latter is generally available for around 150 euros but can be found regularly on Sale at several resellers such as Amazon.

The latter has, at your choice, touch or silent switches according to your needs. Fully wired, you can count on customizable RGB lighting that can automatically adapt to more than 150 games. This keyboard has a useable wrist rest and a built-in dial that will help you control your music faster than going through your computer! Note, however, that the prices displayed in this article may change quickly depending on stocks and news.