Grin Technologies Triple Bob Ebike Battery Anchor Bracket Mount to bike frames without water bottle mounts. If your Bike’s water bottle holders aren’t in the ideal position, you can use them to place them wherever you want. They are generally more secure and robust than the original water bottle mounts, so you may want to use one of these regardless of whether your battery is heavy or not. Flat Plastic Hose Clamp Covers provide an attractive fit and finish for electric bikes.

The Triple Bob rail provides a convenient and secure way to connect any of the Electrify Bike Double-dealer batteries and other Hailong down tube and Retention case batteries anywhere on the bike frame tube regardless of washer position. These parts are CNC machined from solid aluminum and provide a broad, flat platform for the battery base to rest on, secured with three M5 bolts, so there is no wobbling or play that is sometimes present in the washers. Grin Technologies Triple Bob Ebike Battery Anchor Bracket Mount Water bottles. Machined channels allow up to 4 hose locks to hold the battery firmly in place. They were designed and manufactured by Grin Tech in Canada. Here is a link to the Grin Triple Bob video.

Electrify your Ride

Grin Technologies Triple Bob Ebike Battery Anchor Bracket Mount

Please choose the best Bike for your needs and electrify it. Whether you want to get out more, exercise more, or commute in the healthiest way possible, Electrify Bike Co. can get the best Bike you want or the Bike you already own and help you ride harder, faster, faster, and faster more often. Grin Technologies Triple Bob Ebike Battery Anchor Bracket Mount Power up your pedal power.

There are many electrical conversion options, depending on the type of Bike you have and the riding you want. The good news is that electric bike conversions have become very reliable and affordable, and Thrill Bike Co. Grin Technologies Triple Bob Ebike Battery Anchor Bracket Mount can direct you to the best option for you and your wallet, and then we can do the change for you if you want. It does not take much time, and the price is very affordable. Read here on how to decide on your perfect electric Bike.

Electric bike conversions

Ride faster and farther on a dedicated electric bike. Quality builds. Guaranteed.

Electrify Bike Co. Grin Technologies Triple Bob Ebike Battery Anchor Bracket Mount offers another electric bike option for Utahns who want an electric bike. An easy custom ebike change. Converting a motorbike to an electric bike is excessive, but it can be perplexing and daunting. Many electric bike kits, workings, and options can be multifaceted and technically exciting. Electrify Bike can guide you done all of this. We can review the Bike you want or have, along with the riding you want to do and make a reference that fits your needs and budget. Then, when you’re ready, we can guide you through your purchases, install the parts, and build an electric bike you’ll love.

If you’re an adventurous DIYer and want to do the job yourself, we can provide any level of guidance you need, and we’ll be there to help if you get overwhelmed. Then we can provide repairs and support for years to come.

You’ll want to ride farther, faster and more often on an electric bike because it’s entertaining. And good for your health, wallet, and the planet you live on.

Why You Should Always Use A Triple Bob To Mount A Down-Tube Battery

Let me qualify that.  We have tried the Triple Bob from Grin Technologies with all of the Retention shark-type cases we use and most of the Hailong shark cases, and it dramatically improves the strength and rigidity of the mount every time.  We are now recommending them with all of our downtube batteries.  Grin Technologies Triple Bob Ebike Battery Anchor Bracket Mount While they improve every support, they are most important on Jumbo Sharks and Mega Sharks.  These weigh from 9 to 12 lbs and are taller, so there is more side-to-side leverage pulling on the mount.  With a Triple Bob, the battery is on its rock solid and doesn’t move.

The problem is solved because the bottom of these batteries is flat, and the downtube is round.  It leaves only a few M5 bolts to hold the entire weight of the battery against any side-to-side forces. It often leads to a storm that “wiggles” from side to side or, in some cases, “flops” from side to side even with the bolts fully tightened.

The ingenious cure Grin came up with is to provide a V-shaped trough in the bottom of the

Triple Bob.  This allows two contact points the length of the Triple Bob on the round bike frame about 15mm apart to provide a stable platform for the battery.  They also raised the threaded bolt holes for the battery mounts to fit the recesses in the mountain, so the bolts tighten down snugly with no gap between the battery mount and the Triple Bob.  Here is a link to a Grin Triple Bob video.

Downtube Battery Mounting issues

Grin Technologies Triple Bob Ebike Battery Anchor Bracket Mount

So my new hub motor kit came with a 17.5ah battery. It’s usually a down tube-style battery plugs into the water bottle slot, but the holes in the space don’t align with the existing place on my bike frame.

Any ideas? I want to keep the battery inside this frame triangle, Grin Technologies Triple Bob Ebike Battery Anchor Bracket Mount  I can drill a few holes and add extra rivet nuts, but I’m worried this will weaken the edge also afterward. Also, feeling the weight of the battery, I’m scared these are cheap aluminum nuts. They won’t be strong enough to fix it in place.


  • Safe and convenient way to connect the Hailong-1, 21700 downpipe battery and Reention case anywhere on the bike frame tube
  • CNC machined from compact aluminum stock to provide a broad, flat platform for the battery base to rest on.
  • Secured with 3 M5 bolts (included) so water bottle rings don’t wobble or play.
  • Machined channels allow up to 3 hose clamps to hold the battery firmly in place
  • Designed and manufactured by Grin Tech in Canada

Item Package Sizes L x W x H: ‎8.54 x 5.55 x 0.67 inches

Package Weight: ‎0.19 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎7.87 x 1.1 x 0.28 inches

Brand Name: ‎Grin Technologies

Model Name: ‎TripleBob

Manufacturer: ‎Grin Technologies Ltd

Part Number: ‎TripleBob

Date First Available: July 29, 2021

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