Ultra Short Throw Projector

Extra than anything, because you can bet on an ultra short throw projector. We are speaking about a model that has a great advantage over its rivals.

You can place it close to the wall to make a home theater wherever you want. Do you famine to see a movie in your room like never before? You revenue this gadget to the room, and that’s it.

What are the differences?

  • Utilizing you may have imagined, the main difference between one model and another has to do with its name.
  • And it is that ultra short throw projectors have the particularity of being able to project an image at much less distance than a traditional model.
  • Like this, if any conventional projector needs a space of approximately 2 meters to generate an 80-inch image.
  • The length is reduced to a maximum of 80 cm in the case of ultra-short-throw models.
  • To do this, they use a mirror system that significantly reduces the distance required to create a large image.
  • A few years ago, this technology was demoted to the professional sector, widely used in classrooms and for presentations.
  • Nonetheless, the big manufacturers have gradually realized that this type of solution eliminates the installation problems that a normal shot projector entails.
  • Extra of its great advantages is that you can take it wherever you want. It would help if you had a smooth wall to play any content and create a true home theatre.
  • You resolve not to hang it on the wall, which saves you costs, inconvenience and possible accidents.
  • Yes, ultra-short-throw projectors are more expensive than a traditional model, but the difference is notable.

The Top options to consider

Now that the advantages that an ultra-short-throw projector offers over any of its rivals are clear let’s see what options we can.

It should be noted that many manufacturers advertise short-throw solutions as ultra-short.

The difference is that they need twice the distance to create the same image, so avoid being fooled by these solutions.

1.Optoma Technology HD31UST

  • We start this gathering with one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the sector.
  • Sure, Optoma is one of the great references for buying a product of this type, and in its catalogue, it has some ultra-short throw projectors that will not disappoint you at all.
  • Like this HD31UST, a model that reaches a Full HD resolution, in addition to having 3,400 lumens and 28,000: 1 contrast to offer a visual landscape of scandal.

2.LG PF1000U

ultra short throw projector

  • And this PF1000U is a prime example of that. We are speaking about a model capable of projecting a 100 ″ screen only 38 km away. And be careful that it is with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels).
  • Instead, say that its LED lamp promises up to 30,000 hours of useful life, in addition to having an integrated television tuner (DTT DVB-T2)

3.Benq W1600UST

  • Without a doubt, another of the great heavyweights in the projector market is the Benq firm.
  • How could it be otherwise? It also has several very competitive ultra-short-throw projectors to its credit. And this Benq W1600UST will not disappoint.
  • Also, it comes with a 100-inch screen with Ambient Light Reflection technology, capable of absorbing 93% of ambient light. Yes, you will be able to see its contents in broad daylight.


  • LG’s CineBeam family is one of the most prestigious, and this LG HF85LSR is another ultra-short-throw projector that guarantees jaw-dropping results.
  • The situation laser is capable of projecting a 120-inch image at a distance of 12 centimetres. No, we are not wrong with this figure.
  • And beware, it comes with Miracast to project the screen of your phone, furthermore to Full HD resolution and 1,500 lumens of control. Quite a wonder to enjoy a home theatre wherever you want.

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