Computing is a broad term that encompasses many areas. CS professionals can work in data analysis, software engineering, computer engineering, information security, or network management, to name a few.

Like the industry, university computer science programs are also very diverse. Because computing is such a broad field, it’s worth thinking about the aspects of computing that interest you most. This will help you choose the school that will best prepare you to achieve your profession goals.

If you already have a good impression of where you need to go in computer science, start narrowing down your school choices with our rankings of the best online bachelor’s degrees and the best online master’s degrees in computer science.

Here are some majors you can consider for your computer science specialties .

Computer and network security

In this area, CS experts address software vulnerabilities and lessen security risks. Courses for this specialization typically include database administration, advanced operating systems, coding, and advanced encryption strategies.

Mobile and web computing

University programs in this field may focus on broad theoretical applications of network protocols and other aspects of system design. Other programs will focus on building websites or mobile apps with an emphasis on interface design.

Human-machine interaction

This concentration prepares students to design and shape the next generation of computers and technologies. This could include going beyond the traditional keyboard and monitor model to many other interfaces. Programs in this concentration often include courses in design and user studies.

Software engineering

Software engineering or software theory programs usually place great emphasis on programming languages for a variety of uses. These programs often emphasize collaborative teamwork and software security. Students in this concentration will take computer systems, compilers, and databases courses.


Bioinformatics focuses on the connection of computer science and biological sciences. And Bioinformatics programs will prepare students to extract and interpret biological data. This specialization often includes technological applications in medical settings, such as genome sequencing and computational biology.

Information Management And Data Analysis

Students will learn techniques and strategies for storing, organizing, and analyzing massive data sets in this area. And also, Course topics in this area typically include algorithms for data mining, database architecture, and distributed networks and systems. Although data analysis is a sub-topic of computer science, there are also study programs dedicated explicitly to big data.

Artificial intelligence

The field of artificial intelligence unites topics such as probability and modeling, robotics, logical reasoning, natural language processing, and machine learning. And also, AI applications include self-driving cars, data mining and analysis, and intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) for education students.

Therefor renowned Stanford University College of Engineering provides a more detailed overview of these and many other majors.

The spectrum of computer science majors offers many options for students and professionals. It’s never too early to start focusing on the specialization you would most like to work in.

Today’s society is highly technical, requiring well-trained professionals in technology. One of the technological branches in which we can find different specialities with a high work occupation is masters in computer science.

The high demand for professionals and the scarcity of these in the different specialities covered by computer science make it a beautiful field to develop professionally and guarantee a good job opportunity.

Which Branch of Computer Science Has The Most Outputs?

As we have commented in the introduction, in general, all branches of computer science have good job opportunities. Still, it is true that in some, there is greater demand, and those are mentioned below.

  • Computer Programmer

The branch of programming is one in which there have always been good job opportunities historically. The programmer is a professional who develops code to execute applications of different nature that allow the use of computer or technological equipment.

Programming covers within itself different specialties since each time, the programmer’s profile becomes more specialized. We have front-end programmers, back-end programmers, mobile application programmers, cross-platform application programmers, etc.

Apart from the high demand for these profiles, they allow working conditions very advantageously, not only for salaries but also for the possibility of developing the activity in teleworking mode, something that people value very much.

  • Analyst Programmer

If programmers are dedicate to making developments, analyst programmers are those professionals responsible for designing the software that programmers are going to create.

They also intervene in other phases of development, such as the unit testing and integration phase. And also, To verify that the product carried out by the programmers complies with the proposed design.

Analysts and programmers always go hand in hand, and in both cases, the professional opportunities are exciting.

  • Microcomputer and Network Technician

The microcomputer and network technician is the one who is responsible for the correct functioning of the users’ equipment. Either by installing and configuring the equipment or by solving the incidents that may arise to them.

Let’s think about the importance of this staff since, since all companies are computerized. And also, If there are no personnel capable of solving incidents at the computer level, the company can collapse.

  • Cybersecurity Technician

Unfortunately, cybersecurity is lately very fashionable due to the large volume of attacks that companies suffer every day. And also, Making it necessary for them to equip themselves with professionals capable of managing all the security.

These professionals must be able to define security plans that guarantee minimal exposure to the risk of a cyberattack. It is a relatively new profile. And there are few trained professionals if we compare it with the needs presented by companies in this area. It is a specialty that has and will have great job opportunities.

  • Data Analyst

The information about customers and their processes is undoubtedly valuable to improving their operations and profitability.

Usually, this information is distributed in various databases or unstructured, making it difficult to cross it and search for correlations between the different data sources.

The data analyst is the person who is going to be in charge of centralizing all that information and organizing it so that it can be exploits to add value to the company. This information analysis is vital to improve business productivity and minimize production costs.

So more companies are turning to these types of profiles and creating specific data mining departments.

  • Data Network Administrators

For a company to be secure and its data network to function correctly, a network administrator must design it properly, segment it for security and optimize access routes.

Network administrators handle these tasks. Their tasks are essential so that workers can work smoothly and at the same time minimize problems in the event of a cyberattack because proper segmentation limits damage.

We have given a review to all those specialties in computer science that during this year 2021 are having more excellent outputs.

Now it is your job to identify which one is more attractive to you and decide where to define your professional career if you want to develop within computer science. Which specialty is most pleasing to you?